I love action; action films are my absolute favorite to watch in movie theaters. The cheesier the action film the better the fight scenes are typically – despite how crappy the story is the action to me is always well worth my time.

However, this anime is not necessarily crappy. I’ve talked about Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works probably as much as I’ve written aboutΒ Fairy TailΒ  throughout this challenge; but these fight scenes have by far been the best animated series (in my humble opinion).There are a few pretty epic fights in this anime, and it’s hard to choose one over the other. So I’ll write about both. I’ll try to be as spoiler free as possible – but I can’t guarantee it, so proceed with caution! ESPECIALLY THE YOUTUBE LINKS.

First: Archer Vs. Lancer.
This is one of the top fights of UBW. Archer and Lancer square of in this major battle of the series. And it is phenomenal. The first time we see Archer and Lancer fight is in episode 0 and Lancer isn’t fighting at his full 100%. However, Archer’s abilities are not at a full 100% either because….reasons. (You’ll have to watch it to see) But we’re able to see their noble phantasms against one another and all the tricks Archer has up his sleeves especially his greatest defense. Very few .gifs can be found for this particular fight, so I’ve also attached the actual fight:



Second: Shirou Emiya Vs. Gilgamesh
The final battle of the series. Shirou takes on Gilgamesh after learning some very important pieces of information about himself. He’s also gathered more magic power to be able to pull this battle off due to Rin’s help. This is shirou’s ultimate power versus the Noble Phatasms that Gilgamesh posesses, The Gates of Babylon. If I could ever have a noble phantasm: I’d want Gilgamesh or Shirou’s. Β Here’s a .gif as a teaser followed by the actual fight:


That would do it for the the best anime fights. I chose these because not only are they great fights but the animation is top notch.

What epic fight scenes come to mind for you?

11 thoughts on “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 26

  1. Nice πŸ˜€ Looking very cool indeed ! Hmm…epic fight scenes huh. Well I guess one of the fightscenes that springs to mind was Eren in full titanform, versus the female Titan. That one was pretty epic indeed πŸ˜€
    Ps…off topic: one more follower and you have reached 100 followers : woohoo ! πŸ˜€

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    1. whaaaa!? I didn’t even realize that! Crazy! Also – I considered putting that in! But today’s prompt is AoT related so I didn’t want back to back AoT. Clearly my choices in this challenge have been limited to a handful of anime’s haha!! Thanks for reading and commenting! πŸ˜€

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    1. Ah I haven’t seen the first version of fate stay night!! Unlimited Blade Works is great! Even if it switched to CGI a lot more towards the end. Ufotable does great work! Can’t wait to see their version of Touken Ranbu!


          1. Yeah, but it seems no one wants to touch it, weirdly enough. The of version has sex, MangaGamer or JAST would be great for it, but maybe the cost of license + translation is too high? πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
            It has ports for Vita too, so they could :((

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