When I think bad-ass; there are a handful of character’s that run through my head. However, when I think of an ultimate bad-ass scene from an anime character – I’d have to pick one of my all-time favorites: Captain Levi of the Scouting Legion.


If you haven’t seen the OVA about his life before the scouts I highly recommend watching it.  Not only does it set-up Levi’s backstory but also sets up how he comes to view the world of titans and how he comes to terms with his belief in Commander Erwin and the scouting regiment. On top of that Levi goes absolutely berserk spurned on heavily by his emotions. It’s pretty clear that Levi never wears his emotions or heart on his sleeve, and with good measure. If you’ve been reading the manga you know why; Levi’s story is actually quite tragic and the OVA depicts it pretty well. We see him performing at his peak and we also see him in his most vulnerable state,  he’s actually devastated and crying!

The only other time we’ve ever seen Levi perform at this kind of level is against the female titan when he retrieves Eren in the forest. But this OVA is a whole other level; you really need to see it if you haven’t already! I cannot stress this enough!

This scene is extremely violent and really graphic. It really pushes the tragedy that’s befallen Levi home. The juxtaposition of the sad melancholic piano piece over this scene encapsulates and expresses the sorrow that Levi is feeling; however instead of showing sadness he chooses to express himself with pure rage. Here’s a clip of him going berserk:

Attack on Titan has a lot of OVA’s. Levi’s backstory ranks at the top followed by Jean’s short story (that includes cooking).  I hope you enjoyed the clip – despite the goriness of it all. What other bad ass scenes come to mind? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Maybe I’ll add more to my long list of anime’s to watch!

11 thoughts on “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 27

  1. Okay…I must have been living under a rock or something 😮 Attack on Titan has OVA’S? Am done kicking my self for a hundred times now, and am now feverishly going to search for these. And just before I forget: great post😀

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    1. LOLOL you must have been because there’s quite a few OVAs/specials from Attack on Titan! Levi’s backstory is 2 episodes long. Jean has his own (cooking based) one and the 104th cadet training squad also as a team have one! Jeans made me laugh a lot tbh and also since it focused on him it was really interesting to see his character dynamic in it! Which is why he became my fave supporting lol! And thanks! No go and find the OVAs. I found them on gogoanime!

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  2. Ah, I haven’t seen that OVA yet I think, tho I saw the diary in the tree one, you’re making me want to watch it, but I’ve been letting it sit so I can watch before season 2 aaah ..😭

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