Erza Mikazuki

The origin of my name is pretty simple. My favorite anime girl is Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. She’s strong and fearless, the things I wish I embodied more. Mikazuki comes from my favorite Touken Ranbu boy, Munechika Mikazuki. I loved his character design, and that the name means crescent moon.

Erza Mikazuki is a persona I created to interact with the fandom and create fanfiction content separate from Archi-Anime and heyitszel. I created an alternate mostly because, the things I’m interested in creating and writing are entirely different from the content of this blog. Especially of the 18+ NSFW, sometimes problematic kind. But I know a few of you had been interested in it, and I’ve been secretive about it.

For a directory of all my ao3 work, I created a page! You can find that here:

Erza on Ao3.

or a direct link to my Ao3:



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