The scene I want to talk about today is both a mixture of utter shock and sadness. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Illyasviel Von Einzbern in UBW. She’s basically one of the bad guys. There wasn’t enough character development of her for me to get attached to her. So what happens to her didn’t exactly pull on my heartstrings or make me bawl my eyes out like Your Lie in April. But what happens is indeed really sad

SPOILERS ahead if you haven’t seen Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Gilgamesh probably ranks second in favorite villain category. He’s got this disdain for humanity and his greed for the holy grail and he’s incredibly full of himself – the so-called the King of Heroes. Illyasviel isn’t exactly human. She’s a homunculus created and raised by the Einzbern family. She’s got a bit of a really sad backstory involving the M.C Shirou; but that’s another story.

Anyways, this scene is really brutal. Gilgamesh is a total sadist in this scene. If you didn’t like him before you’d definitely hate him now. I know I definitely did!  He’s a servant just like Illyasviel’s Berserker. In this scene he’s just finished killing Berserker leaving Illyasviel all alone in the world. As shes stands in her state of grief, Gilgamesh pulls a sword out and when she looks at him, it’s implied that he blinds her.  As shes stumbling around trying to get to Berserker’s body, he casually walks up to her and sticks her with his blade. She collapses and as she lays dying she thinks she’s finally touched Berserker and dies peacefully. However, she’s actually touching a rock. All while doing this, Gilgamesh is just standing there watching her with a smirk on his face. What makes this really sad is actually watching her die and stumble around completely weak. I’m attaching the clip; however it’s title honorable death – I don’t think she died honorably at all.


Ah, just watching this makes me feel kind of sad and frustrated again with how she dies and Gilgamesh’s lack of humanity.

Anyways, that’s all for today’s prompt! 5 more days! Whats the saddest death scene you’ve guys watched?

8 thoughts on “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 25

  1. Still have to see this one (I know, I have already have kicked myself a couple of times lol). It’s always sad when a really popular character dies. The death that has almost made the most impact on me, was the death of Roy Focker in the original Macross saga. He was a very pivotal character in the series and played a very important part. His death came as a true shock, and the look of his girlfriend, soon to be wife, will always haunt me forever.

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    1. Based on your review on Alderamain having historic hero’s it’s possible you’ll like the fate series. However it’s kind of complicated since it’s adapted from a visual novel and he has 3 routes. They’ve adapted the second route, and the third route is being developed into a movie. I think studio deen’s fate/stay night is the first route – but I’m not sure since I haven’t watched it. LOL. UBW is actually one of my top 10 anime’s at the moment. I had a list on my friends blog of my top 10. I should probably repost it here. lol.

      I need to watch Macross….*sigh* another one to add LOL. thanks for reading! Glad you liked it.

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        1. “Watch novel” seems more appropriate lmao! Nah don’t worry about it like adding to the list. Just means I need to get to it at some point lol. Also there’s magic involved in fate. So I dunno if ur into that kinda fantasy type lol


          1. The name of my blog Raistlin, is a powerful wizard from the greatest fantasy epic I have ever read: The Dragonlance Saga, so yes I do like Magic in fantasy. Getting even more interested in it now (scribbles note in Book: includes Magic 😂)

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          2. okay this is supper late – but you should totally include in your novel of anime to watch Fate/Zero. It’s the prequel to the Fate/Stay Night series and is deemed the better animated series!

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