Top 8 Silver (Grey) Foxes

Welcome back to another eye-candy filled MCM to kick off your week! Last week I featured some white-haired men; this weeks goes a few shades darker in featuring my top 10 Silver/Gray haired men. Silver and Gray hair often denotes a type of distinguished, almost sophisticated appeal to a guy. While this may ring true for many of these characters, more often than not – it doesn’t apply! Continue reading

The Foil of the Goddess of the 104th: Historia

It’s Wednesday y’all! I’m here with a pretty awesome WCW to get you through hump day!

Krista-Chara_DesignNow as you guys know by now, outside of my love for the sports genre I’m a pretty avid follower to the fandom that is Attack on Titan. In a previous WCW I featured Ymir; and that went into heavy spoiler territory. However, now with Season 2 under our belts, I thought it would be appropriate to feature this AoT character.

So without further ado, let’s talk about The Foil of the Goddess of the 104th: Historia.

When we first met Historia, she went by the name of Christa Lenz. A beautiful petite blonde girl with the kindest nature and personality; so much so that she’s labeled “goddess” by many of the men in the 104th. However, Christa’s true nature hides behind a façade. As I’ve said before these two are actually foils of one another; Christa’s friendly façade is really Ymir’s true personality, and Christa’s nature is actually the cold loner that Ymir pretends to be. Christa has been known to place herself in dangerous situations despite her meek nature. Ymir has called her out on her somewhat fake kindess because she’s wants to be seen as a “good person”. Ymir has also accused her of wanting to die a hero as seen on the Historia episode when she’s trying to save Daz even if it means putting her own life on the line. These rash actions of Historia deal with her backstory; all she wants is to be cared about and recognized.

Again, let me reiterate that I love the dynamic between Historia and Ymir. Previously, I mentioned before that they’re like soulmates; they’re understanding of another and their trust in their bonds have added another layer of complexity to the story as we now know who Ymir really is, and Historia’s true self is about to be unfolded.

Historia’s past is still a mystery in the season 2 of Attack on Titan; but we know for sure that she’s an illegitimate child of a nobleman and was forced to change her name and distance herself from the family if she wanted to live. Historia is on the brink of becoming a crucial piece of the puzzle. Warning: this will heads into spoiler territory past the episode of season 2 that revealed Christa’s true identity. So, proceed with caution after the break!

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Top 5 Blindingly Handsome White Haired Men

Happy Monday! This week I’m back to creating a list. This week I’m bringing you my personal take on my Top 5 Blindingly Handsome White Haired Men. White is often associated with  purity, innocence, light and perfection but these men are more devilishly handsome than pure, and definitely not innocent, but they are pretty close to perfection.

5. DECIM (Death Parade)


Decim was such a cool character on Death Parade. Of the arbiters, Decim feels bad about one of his misjudgments due to the influence of having Chiyuki around. He starts to understand human emotion a bit more over the course of the series.


Yashiro Isana is an unfortunate bystander in the K-project. A normal teenager that was just living his high-school life, was drawn into the world of the colored kings. The history is complex, but just know that Adolf Weismann and Yashiro are one in the same due to circumstances. Although, Adolf Weismann’s true form is really gray/silver hair (so you may see him again in the future!)


3. KOKKURI-SAN (Gugure! Kokkuri-san)




Kokkuri-san was one of the first few anime’s that brought me back into the fray (alongside Your Lie in April). Kokkuri-san is a ghost that follows around a little girl that proclaims herself to be a doll that lives completely off of cup ramen. He had originally planned to haunt the girl, but instead ended up worrying about her and doting on her like a parent would – taking up chores and making sure she’s eating well. I was drawn to him because he’s just so handsome! And then when he transfers into his animal form, he’s just the cutest fox you want to grab and squish because he looks so fluffy! Also, you gotta love that he’s the same actor as Shintaro Midorima !


2. GIN (Hotarubi no Mori E)


Okay, pause for a second. Have you seen Hotarubi no Mori E? If not, I need you to watch this one ASAP. The wonderful Naja introduced me to this one and I haven’t exactly been the same since. It was a beautiful 45 minute film. I questioned how attached or how could such a short film grip my emotions. I’m a fairly emotional person when I watch anything, so I had expected the waterworks; but I didn’t anticipate such heavy waterworks to occur. I bawled at the end of it. Gin was just such a perfect character, so sweet and caring.


1. ARCHER (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)

Yeah, Archer should be no surprise. I’ve talked about UBW a lot on this blog and even featured him and Shirou in one of my OWLS posts found here. Archer is just such a cool character. Tall, dark and handsome; however sometimes I have a hard time understanding what allowed his skin to change color – I think its related to his magical use. He’s also a cynic sarcastic character, just like I like them. His backstory in becoming Archer is complicated but intriguing in the world of UBW; he’s a mix of a good guy then turned bad guy. But in the end I think he strives to be the hero that he always dreams to be. He’s definitely a complicated one, but he’s my absolute favorite from the fate series.

That wraps up this week’s MCM! Who would be in your top list of white-haired male characters? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Sunday Salutations | [OP]: Spell

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope everyone had another great week.  It was a bit of a warm week for us here in the Bay Area this weekend. I’m melting from the heat!


Okay as you know, last week’s check in was a mini-rant about how worried I was about the Golden State Warriors winning the championship this year. Could they repeat another win? Would the be at the mercy of becoming another internet meme for blowing another 3-1 lead?

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Dragon Slayer: Natsu Dragneel

Good afternoon Ladies and Gents! It’s that time of the week! I’m here with another Man Crush Monday! This week’s feature is a leading Pink Haired Male. I don’t know many characters with Pink Hair that are guys, except one that fits the bill. He hails from the town of Magnolia on the anime Fairy Tail. That’s right! I’m talk about none other than: Natsu Dragneel.


Natsu is a Dragon Slayer, a person that uses Dragon Slayer Magic. Natsu has the magic of fire that was taught to him by a dragon named Igneel, whom he claims is his Father. One day Igneel, and other dragons disappear from the world, and it becomes Natsu’s lifelong mission to find out where his Father has disappeared to. Okay, so Natsu is your typical shounen character; loud, too energetic, and can be borderline annoying. But, he still has a number of admirable traits about him.

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[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 12 | All Blues

note: WE’VE REACHED THE END!!!  HUGE thank you to weekendotaku has been helping me a great deal by participating and creating these banners, and thank you to everyone that’s been keeping up with the series! LAST REQUEST! I’LL BE DOING AN OVERALL REVIEW/FINAL THOUGHS OF THE SERIES AND WOULD LOVE FOR THOSE THAT PARTICIAPATED TO PLEASE TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE SCENES FROM THE SERIES SO THAT I MAY INCORPORATE IT INTO MY POST! Looking forward to what you guys submit!

Sentaro’s disappearance has taken a toll on Kaoru and Ri-chan. While the two have expressed their reciprocated feelings they’re left at a standstill. Kaoru says some things he hadn’t meant to say and leaves shortly after graduation without fully clearing the air between him and Ri-chan. A time-skip of 8 years brings us to Kaoru as a doctor in Tokyo where he runs into Yurika by chance who shows him a photo of  a familiar face. Next thing you know Kaoru is up and running towards the person in the photo. Will he find Sen and reconnect? Will they all get a happy ending? 

I can’t believe we’ve reached the end! This episode had me feeling a gamut of emotions, and also saying “omg omg” a lot. I wouldn’t say I was fangirling, but gosh darn…well I’ll get into that later.  Let’s talk about some key moments in this episode. Continue reading