Orange You Glad For Man Crush Monday?

LOL, okay I’ll apologize for such a pun of a title. It’s horrible. I could’ve changed it, but I’ve decided to keep the cheesiness of it. So, Sorry not sorry, I guess? With that being said, this week’s MCM features my top 10 orange-haired men.


10. Robato Hatohara (Robot X Laserbeam)

The newest character to add to my ever-growing obsession with sports anime. Robato hails from the new manga Robot X Laserbeam, a manga about Golf, from the mangaka Tadatoshi Fujimaki, the creator of my beloved Kuroko no Basket. Robato’s nickname is “Robo-Kun” as he is expressionless, straight-faced, and completely honest (very much like Kuroko). His classmates basically see him as a robot due to all of his mannerisms. Also, he’s a megane!! Who doesn’t love meganes! ❤

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Top 8 Silver (Grey) Foxes

Welcome back to another eye-candy filled MCM to kick off your week! Last week I featured some white-haired men; this weeks goes a few shades darker in featuring my top 10 Silver/Gray haired men. Silver and Gray hair often denotes a type of distinguished, almost sophisticated appeal to a guy. While this may ring true for many of these characters, more often than not – it doesn’t apply! Continue reading

Top 5 Blindingly Handsome White Haired Men

Happy Monday! This week I’m back to creating a list. This week I’m bringing you my personal take on my Top 5 Blindingly Handsome White Haired Men. White is often associated with  purity, innocence, light and perfection but these men are more devilishly handsome than pure, and definitely not innocent, but they are pretty close to perfection.

5. DECIM (Death Parade)


Decim was such a cool character on Death Parade. Of the arbiters, Decim feels bad about one of his misjudgments due to the influence of having Chiyuki around. He starts to understand human emotion a bit more over the course of the series.


Yashiro Isana is an unfortunate bystander in the K-project. A normal teenager that was just living his high-school life, was drawn into the world of the colored kings. The history is complex, but just know that Adolf Weismann and Yashiro are one in the same due to circumstances. Although, Adolf Weismann’s true form is really gray/silver hair (so you may see him again in the future!)


3. KOKKURI-SAN (Gugure! Kokkuri-san)




Kokkuri-san was one of the first few anime’s that brought me back into the fray (alongside Your Lie in April). Kokkuri-san is a ghost that follows around a little girl that proclaims herself to be a doll that lives completely off of cup ramen. He had originally planned to haunt the girl, but instead ended up worrying about her and doting on her like a parent would – taking up chores and making sure she’s eating well. I was drawn to him because he’s just so handsome! And then when he transfers into his animal form, he’s just the cutest fox you want to grab and squish because he looks so fluffy! Also, you gotta love that he’s the same actor as Shintaro Midorima !


2. GIN (Hotarubi no Mori E)


Okay, pause for a second. Have you seen Hotarubi no Mori E? If not, I need you to watch this one ASAP. The wonderful Naja introduced me to this one and I haven’t exactly been the same since. It was a beautiful 45 minute film. I questioned how attached or how could such a short film grip my emotions. I’m a fairly emotional person when I watch anything, so I had expected the waterworks; but I didn’t anticipate such heavy waterworks to occur. I bawled at the end of it. Gin was just such a perfect character, so sweet and caring.


1. ARCHER (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)

Yeah, Archer should be no surprise. I’ve talked about UBW a lot on this blog and even featured him and Shirou in one of my OWLS posts found here. Archer is just such a cool character. Tall, dark and handsome; however sometimes I have a hard time understanding what allowed his skin to change color – I think its related to his magical use. He’s also a cynic sarcastic character, just like I like them. His backstory in becoming Archer is complicated but intriguing in the world of UBW; he’s a mix of a good guy then turned bad guy. But in the end I think he strives to be the hero that he always dreams to be. He’s definitely a complicated one, but he’s my absolute favorite from the fate series.

That wraps up this week’s MCM! Who would be in your top list of white-haired male characters? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Dragon Slayer: Natsu Dragneel

Good afternoon Ladies and Gents! It’s that time of the week! I’m here with another Man Crush Monday! This week’s feature is a leading Pink Haired Male. I don’t know many characters with Pink Hair that are guys, except one that fits the bill. He hails from the town of Magnolia on the anime Fairy Tail. That’s right! I’m talk about none other than: Natsu Dragneel.


Natsu is a Dragon Slayer, a person that uses Dragon Slayer Magic. Natsu has the magic of fire that was taught to him by a dragon named Igneel, whom he claims is his Father. One day Igneel, and other dragons disappear from the world, and it becomes Natsu’s lifelong mission to find out where his Father has disappeared to. Okay, so Natsu is your typical shounen character; loud, too energetic, and can be borderline annoying. But, he still has a number of admirable traits about him.

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Man Proposes, God Disposes-nanodayo: Shintaro Midorima

This week’s Man Crush Monday is none other than the green-haired megane, Shintaro Midorima from the anime Kuroko no Basket. Yes, another KnB character! I unfortunately don’t know many green haired males outside of Midorima besides Freed Justine from Fairy Tail, and if I really had to choose between the two, Midorima wins hands down. But, still, special shout out to Freed!

Shintaro Midorima is the Generation of Miracles incredible Shooting Guard from Teiko Junior High as well as their Vice Captain. In High School he becomes Shutoku High’s star players as his impeccable shooting skills has preceded him. Seriously though, I’m not kidding when I say his skills are impeccable; Midorima doesn’t miss shots, and his range of shooting takes up the FULL court. Yes, I know, that’s highly unbelievable and unrealistic because at best a seasoned NBA player could maybe possibly hit half-court shots consistently.  But aside from Midorima’s talent as a 3-point shooter, he’s a rather serious but really quirky character.

Overly Serious/Overconfidence


Midorima’s demeanor is incredibly serious. You’ll most likely catch him with a straight face, if not a downright scowl on his face. It’s a rare sight to ever catch him in a smile, and even if he is smiling, its really well hidden. On top of his overly serious tone, he’s really confident; almost overbearingly confident, but as much as you want to hate him, you can’t because he has the skills to back it up. Besides, this serious tone adds to his charm.

However, despite his serious nature. He’s actually KnB’s resident Tsundere, as he often says he doesn’t care about things but deep down he really does. For example, he refuses to watch any basketball games with his Shutoku teammates, but he’ll show up in disguise to watch said game.  Takao is the only one that catches Midorima in his lies and laughs at him for having to hide how much he cares to begin with.

Unintentionally Funny

Midorima isn’t exactly one of the funniest guys’ in KnB, see above quirk. Despite that, he’s often used as the show’s comic relief, but it usually happens when his partner in crime, Kazunari Takao, is involved. Takao is quite what you’d call the ‘class clown’, and usually jokes are pointed at Midorima’s serious nature; more often than not, he loves to impersonate Midorima as he steals his glasses right off of his face.

Questionable Speech Pattern

There are a few KnB characters that have a significant speech pattern; and Midorima is number one on that list. Midorima is known to add “nanodayo” to the end of his sentences; which actually bears no real meaning. Some would say that “nanodayo” translates to “and so forth” or “and stuff”. I’ve also learned (by talking to my friend that is fluent in japanese) that this is more anime speak since no one actually ends their sentences with quirks like this.

In the clip above he says “nanodayo” or “dayo” alot at the end of his sentences. And actually, this is probably one of his comic relief scenes.

A Leftie’s Prerogative

Midorima’s has two discerning traits. One, he’s a leftie. Second, he’s really superstitious. As a left-handed person, Midorima is known to bandage his left hand religiously, and file his fingernails obsessively during a game when his hand isn’t bandaged. Quirky right?  Midorima is a left handed shooter. As such, he will do anything that is within his power to protect his left hand. He bandages it so that nothing can “influence” his left handed shot. Put more simply, he doesn’t want his good luck to rub off on anything else; so he preserves it as best he can.

Man of Superstition


Midorima fully believes in luck and believes in Horoscopes. He also believes in “blood type compatibility”. He claims to not get along with Kuroko because their blood types are known to not get along (Kuroko is a Type A while Midorima is Type B). As part of Midorima’s obsessive quirky routine is to listen to “Oha Asa” daily horoscopes. He pretty much listens to it religiously and is relieved when he hears his sign, Cancer, will have a particularly good day. He also carries the daily “lucky item” as prescribed by “Oha Asa” to ensure that he’ll have a lucky day and will carry it everywhere no matter how ridiculous it looks.

“Man Proposes, God Disposes”
-Shintaro Midorima

Midorima adheres by the saying, “Man Proposes, God Disposes” as he does everything humanly possible and fate will decide the rest. Overall, all his quirks add up to the motto he lives by. I just love how these quirks are matched up with his serious personality. You’d think someone so serious wouldn’t believe in luck or superstition. But that just adds to Midorima’s charm!


That just about does it for MCM. Who would be your favorite green haired male? Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Sweets are Justice: Atsushi Murasakibara

Guys, I have a confession to make. *gasp* I don’t have a list for this week’s theme of “purple hair”. I know there are probably a lot of guys with purple hair; but I’ve probably yet to see that particular show much to my dismay *sigh* I had someone else other than Murasakibara in mind, but…although he has purple hair, I acknowledge him for more than just his hair! I’m sure today’s feature comes as no surprise to you; because..sports.


Atsushi Murasakibara is one of the 5 Generation of Miracles (Kiseki no Sedai) from the anime Kuroko no Basket. Murasakibara is an interesting character; he doesn’t rank super high on my KnB list; but he has quite a few characteristics that I can definitely relate to.

Big Kid at Heart


Atsushi gives a whole new meaning to the term “big kid at heart”. The childlike personality he embraces is the my favorite thing about him. The childlike qualities that he possess are there for comedic effect He literally acts like a kid when he’s provoked with taunting; he retorts back as a kid!  See Exhibit A below (I’m having it start at the scene in question). On the other hand, he often relies on others to make decisions. Is it due to his lazy personality? Probably.

Don’t Poke the Bear!

I’m very much like Atsushi in terms of being really mellow; and usually let things go right away. This is another trait of Murasakibara that (kind of ) appealed to me. Much like Murasakibara, I’m bound to let things go and be non-confrontational. It really takes a lot for someone to do something to really irritate me and get me to react. However, the slight difference is that Murasakibara is shown to be uninterested in basketball, and bored with it most of the time, even if the opponent is good he hates people that get fired up.  He only got fired up about the game is when he realized he could possibly lose.

Major Sweet Tooth


Whenever Murasakibara is seen on screen he’s got numerous snacks with him. He’s a huge snack fiend! The only time you won’t see him eating something is when he’s playing basketball. With that being said, I LOVE SWEETS! Ice Cream, Cake, Cookies, Candy galore! Muahaha!!! This is the biggest thing I have in common him because I am a sucker for sweets. Ice cream and cake are the usual favorites while Murasakibara loves his chips and Maibou.

That just about wraps up this week’s MCM and as Murasakibara’s motto goes: “Sweets are Justice”, so grab your favorite snack and eat away your Monday Blues!

Who would be your  choice for best male with purple hair? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Red Haired Men That Get You Fired Up!

Hey guys! I’m back with a list of my favorite fiery red haired men to kick off the work week!



This is probably no surprise since I’ve written a bunch about UBW. Shirou barely made top 10! If it weren’t his relationship with Rin, he probably wouldn’t have made the list. I rather enjoy their relationship a ton which is why I had to include him.



Ah, I had to include this loveable shark. Rin doesn’t rank super high on my overall list, but he’s definitely a standout character. He’s adorable; but stubborn as hell! But that angst is probably what we love about him most!



A standout character from me on Death Parade even though he didn’t get too much screentime. Although he picks fights with Decim a lot and looks down on humans a lot; I think he tries to have a better understanding once he meets a human he has a hard time judging and eventually comes to admire.



What can be said about Grell. He’s over-the-top and outspoken. But for me, it’s his flamboyance and style that always has me glued to the screen when he pops up. I love the relationship between them and Sebastian. I recently found out that Grell is a trans-woman as stated by Yana Toboso, and that the fandom is still in debate about which pronoun should be used to refer to Grell.



Miko-rin is my favorite character from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. His best friend Nozaki is a shoujo mangaka, and he absolutely loves reading it! Little does he know that the female lead is modeled after him; and everyone around him seems to realize this! He’s a huge flirt on the surface, but he’s actually lacking in confidence and likes to keep to himself otherwise. His princely exterior is just a façade! Like the gif shows; his flirtatious nature is quite cringey. And his two personalities are almost night and day! If you haven’t seen this anime, I would suggest it. I found it to be silly and hilarious.




Mikoto’s role was sooo shortlived. I wish he had been around much longer than one season! The original king of the red clan left a lasting impression on the group; and a lasting impression on the audience. He’s just one of those characters you just can’t seem to forget about.



As we delve into the colored haired types, you’ll without a doubt see A LOT of KnB characters. #sorrynotsorry. I’ve grown attached to all the multicolored haired boys in KnB because they bring something different to the table (not necessarily unique to sports shows really – just different). Kagami at first seems like the most intimidating on the court; but as you get to know him more, he’s actually quite the opposite. He’s a big softie and really innocent; and not to mention a huge coward when it comes to puppies. My favorite scene of him will forever be the episode where he yells “This is Japanese Lunch Time Rush!”



Souma is in my top three because I love his attitude. Sure he’s a bit cocky about his talents, but the fact that he’s always constantly trying to improve his cooking and expand his world to be much more like his Father is what drives me to continually watch this show. He lives and breathes his cooking world as much as I live and breathe architecture (though it’s not shown on this blog as much).



He may not be an anime character, but there was no way I could NOT include him on this list! 707 was the true route of Mystic Messenger and byfar my favorite route of them all in-game. He was all laughs in the chats, but deep down he was in a lot of pain. When I found out he was in love with MC in all of the routes I was slightly heartbroken not knowing that the entire time!




Akashi might be a controversial pick just because of all the Generation of Miracles he wasn’t exactly the friendliest. Akashi has two personalities; the one we see is the one that sees himself as an absolute. He always wins, that’s just how it is. This personality was a defense mechanism that was triggered in middle school to always ensure victory and control over any given situation. I personally think it was the pressure of being the perfect captain to control those whose talents were blossoming more rapidly than his and the pressure of being the perfect student/child that brought on the change.

So, who would’ve made your top 10? Are any of the above on your list?

Top 5 Blue Haired Males!

Good day everyone! MCM is here to combat your Monday Blues with my top 5 favorite blue haired males.



Nino, as we know, is Jean Otus’ best friend and also behind the scenes been watching over Jean since he was born. He’s also a photographer, so really, how could I not include him in this list.



Ciel!! ❤ It’s been awhile since I really watched Black Butler, but Ciel has been a great character when it comes to being arrogant, shrewd, noted attributes of a nobleman. Also, Mel reminded me that they showed a scene of Ciel all grown up in the second season. So, we all know he would’ve grown up to be one fine gentleman.




1 of 2 of my blue haired favorite’s are from the sports genre, surprise, surprise. But they’re both from the same anime! It was tough choosing just 1; so I ended up creating the list! Daiki in season 1 is seen as the bad guy. He’s arrogant, stuck up, and of course he’s the best of the best from the Generation of Miracles.  But this guy warmed up to me in season 3 the most, especially when he …had a moment….I almost cried tears of joy over that scene. It proved he was a big softie after all!



The sixth man from the Generation of Miracles! This icy-blue haired boy is kind of deadpan in the way he speaks and holds no facial expressions until he gets serious on the court. He believes that a team effort is the best way to win and struggles to prove to the rest of his more talented teammates that his way of thinking should be acknowledged.



Jellal has been through alot over the course of the series of Fairy Tail, but as a reformed evil person he turns out to not be so bad after all. However, I wish he’d stop punishing himself over his sins as a way to keep himself away from Erza; even though he knows deep down he loves her more than anything.  You can read more about my thoughts on their relationship here.

That rounds up my Top 5 blue haired boys. Who would be on your list?