[ANI-Reality] Attack on Titan

Good afternoon ladies and gents.  Welcome back to ANI-Reality! It's been quite awhile, and I've been thinking about this one for quite some time. Now, I have another Attack on Titan inspired architectural post in the works, but I'm still working out the feasibility of it. But I digress! Would you believe that the world … Continue reading [ANI-Reality] Attack on Titan

ANI-Reality: Sword Art Online S2

Yet another Sword Art Online blog post for the week! This comes from episode 25 of Season 2 of titled "Mother's Rosario". Asuna is on a tour in Kyoto, there were a few places I've actually been to that Asuna went, but I just want to focus on this particular place. Asuna and the gang … Continue reading ANI-Reality: Sword Art Online S2

[ANI-Reality]: Scepter 4 Headquarters

This post originally started off as an Fantasy Friday post, but as I continued to research it, it showed up to be based on an existing government building in Japan, forcing me to shift it to an ANI-Reality post. There's a few things about K or K: Project that I really love. Animation is probably at the … Continue reading [ANI-Reality]: Scepter 4 Headquarters

ANI-Reality : Yuri!!! On Ice

Ever since episode 10 came out I've really been wanting to write this post. Not only did this episode have Viktor narrarating it; it had many of us fangirling over Viktor and Yuri's ring exchange as well as the epicness of the pictures/video of Yuri at the ending credit sequence. But a lot of my … Continue reading ANI-Reality : Yuri!!! On Ice

ANI-Reality: Kiss Him, Not Me!

This week's ANI-reality comes from episode 4 of Kiss Him, Not Me! "Christmas in the Holy Land." Our protagonist, Kae takes her reverse harem out to the "Comiket", a real convention on this site held in Tokyo.  It's also featured really quickly in the opening of the show as well: Often called Tokyo Big Sight, it's official name is the … Continue reading ANI-Reality: Kiss Him, Not Me!

ANI-Reality: Sweetness & Lightning

To change up the pace; I thought, it'd be nice to do a series on real buildings that are found in anime (Animated Reality = ANI-Reality). Sometimes I'll be watching something and I'll be like "Hey! That building looks familiar!"...This series of posts will look at real life buildings depicted in anime - this also serves … Continue reading ANI-Reality: Sweetness & Lightning