[OP/ED]: Silent Noise | The Future of Archi-Anime

Hey guys! I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’m going to address some stuff after the break, but I just wanted to check in and let you guys know I’m still alive and kicking!

This week I’m featuring the OP from the otome game that I’m currently obsessed with Collar X Malice. The past few weeks I’ve been playing this game every opportunity I get (almost obsessively). It appears that I’m the type of gamer that goes all out, well, at least with Otome (I’m sure Naja can vouch for me on that at least).

Title: “Silent Noise” | Artist: Plastic Trees | Game: Collar X Malice

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[OP]: Peace Sign | Sunday Salutations

Good evening guys!! Today’s Sunday OP is coming a bit late. I spent the day hanging out with my parents – they wanted to celebrate my birthday today since they’re going out of town for my actual birthday next week! 🙂

So to be honest, I don’t have much to fill you in on this week – just another work week and nothing exciting really happened. My Teaching Assistant gig ended on Wednesday, as it was the final class. I’ll see the group again in September for their model exhibition! I’m not sure I’ll be designing the poster for the exhibition this year, but this was what I designed for last years:


This weekend I finally jumped on the Boku no Hero Academia train and I’m so glad I did. I’m not quite up to speed but I really love season 2’s OP and I haven’t really found a favorite character – except Izuku Midoriya. Shoto Todoroki is probably my second favorite. I’m linking an English dubbed version and the original one in this post. I think the song captures the season pretty well and has a great tempo and beat 🙂 Continue reading

[ED]: Styx Helix|Sunday Salutations

Good afternoon everyone!! I’m back with another song and a quick update on what’s going on in my life (for those of you interested). If not you can skip over the following section and head straight for the featured song for the week.

This week was an interesting one to say the least. It was a mix of having some downtime one minute to extreme stress the next.  It was odd because the boss I work under was trying to wrap some projects up to a point where there wouldn’t be any fires to put out next week while she was out on vacation. It really was for our benefit. Thursday afternoon she held a meeting with me and the managing principal of the firm and of our particular project to give us the rundown of project statuses and what I should be working on while she’s away. That meeting went fairly smoothly, but the principal was concerned that I didn’t have a lot of questions regarding what was discussed. I told him that I didn’t have any currently but would be sure to address them before she left for the week.

One major task that was left to me in her absence was that since we didn’t finish some of the drawings by Thursday for her to submit to the city, due to me having to leave early to teach class, I had to deliver the drawings myself to the city on Friday morning. That went really smoothly, and I took the intern with me to deliver the plans because we have 4 sets with each having 200 pages at 30″x42″ – they were massive. So I had him there to help me lug them around. When we got back to the office, I had been waiting for drawings from a consultant to come in, so I could update my 3D model to submit for the entire team to view online. But they never sent anything. Our office works half days on Friday. It was 11:30AM by the time I decided to ask the managing principal if I should continue to upload or wait till they send something. He suggested I reach out to the consultant to see if they could send anything and if he couldn’t get anything to me I would not submit anything. Just my luck though, that consultant was ready to go and sent me stuff at 11:45AM. *sigh* backchecking and file clean up had to be done – I knew I wasn’t going to be leaving on time. I left at 1pm and was the last designer still in the office alongside my managing principal.

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Sunday Salutations | [OP]: Spell

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope everyone had another great week.  It was a bit of a warm week for us here in the Bay Area this weekend. I’m melting from the heat!


Okay as you know, last week’s check in was a mini-rant about how worried I was about the Golden State Warriors winning the championship this year. Could they repeat another win? Would the be at the mercy of becoming another internet meme for blowing another 3-1 lead?

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[OP]: Reclimb | Sunday Salutations

Good Afternoon ani-bloggers and friends! Another week has come and gone, and seriously time is flying. How is it already June?! As most of you know, I’m a huge NBA fan, more specifically a fan of the Golden State Warriors. Right now, GSW (a.k.a. The Dubs) are making their third appearance in the NBA Finals. More about how I feel about that and more after the break!


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Sunday Salutations | [ED]: Fantastic Tune

Hey guys! Welcome back to Archi-Anime’s Sunday Salutation| Op/Ed of the week! I’ve finally made it back to the blogging world.

So a bit about why I’ve been MIA. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I was really tired and exhausted around the time of my OWLS post near the beginning of May. Following that my weekends became a bit packed. My cousin got married Friday the 19th, I had a bday dinner with some friends on the 20th and a family party the 21st. Then FanimeCon was upon me the following weekend. I’ll have a special post regarding that since I took the time to attend cosplay gatherings and take some photos. I didn’t take as many as I wanted since I’m shy to ask cosplayers for photos – but I’m getting better at it. This is my first free weekend finally.

Anyways, hanging out at the Con with my otome bestie and some other friends I’ve decided the next con I would try my hand at cosplaying. If anything I’ll start this coming Halloween. I’m mostly interested because I want to create female versions of male characters (i.e. Midorima Shintaro – KnB, Rei Ryugazaki – Free! for starters) from the many sports anime’s I’m obsessed with.

Title: “Fantastic Tune” | Artist: Kensho Ono | Show: Kuroko No Basket – Season 2

Continuing with this sports obsession is the Ending song from Season 2 of Kuroko no Basket. The protagonist of the series, Kuroko, is actually singing the ED, and the song basically encompasses the main character’s will to fight against all odds that are stacked against him.

I’ve got a ton of blog-stalking to do to catch up. I hope you all have been well! I’d love to hear what everyone’s been up to the last few weeks. Any memorable events occur for anyone else? See any new movies? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

[ED]: “Trust Me”|Sunday Salutations

Good afternoon! I’m back with another ED for you guys! And I think I’m going to call these check-in “Sunday Salutaions” for the time being…sounds a lot cooler than “weekly check-in”…..

This week I’m going back to an anime I really enjoyed but have yet to finish follow-up seasons.  I started Durarara when season 1 was on Netflix and when Season 2 was finally released, it was only available Dubbed. I don’t really have anything against Dubbed, it’s just I had already started the season in it’s subbed form…but anyways! I love all the characters in Durarara the storyline is really interested and love the fact they’re all intertwined and overlap with one another despite the randomness of some of the characters. I also really liked the show because Ikebukero was basically my stomping grounds when I lived in Tokyo!

Title: “Trust Me” | Artist: Yuya Matsushita | Show: Durarara!!

The weeks seem to be passing faster and faster. Where has the time gone for 2017?? Last week flew by before I knew it.  I’ve been pretty productive at work (for the most part) since I started carpooling with my co-worker. She’d been driving me around off and on because I was car-less for awhile. Although I was able to use my parents car, she has constantly insisted that she drive me around since I was on the way; we even started making time to grab coffee at 85 degrees before we head off to work. Unfortunately the first day I drove solo in weeks I was almost late. Why, you ask? Because my co-worker left for her Bachelorette party in Hawaii, so I had no carpool to keep me accountable – that sounds horrible I know. The weekend was a bit busy; I made some time to spend some quality time with my Mom on Saturday and helped clean up the living room of the house – I’ve been assigned to clean the living room once a week (it’s a huge space though; it’s a daunting task) and we’re cleaning up the yard today. Our “summer” kick-off party is coming relatively fast. May marks my Aunt’s birthday month, and she’s huge on throwing parties especially big parties in our backyard. I call it our “summer” parties, even though my Mom doesn’t quite buy it, because we basically have a ton of parties from her birthday all the way till the end of summer. June marks her husbands birthday, July is my birthday month, and August is a huge birthday month for family as well! She’s semi-convinced since I said we essentially have 1 party a month till we can no longer host outdoor events.

Oops, I rambled a bit…but…I digress. How was everyone’s week? Did you have any big deadlines at work? Or exciting plans for the weekend? Read anything interesting? I seriously love these check-ins to see how all of you guys are doing! 🙂

[ED]: Altair | weekly check-in

hey hey everyone! I hope you guys are ready to kick off another (hopefully) great week!

The past week went by in a flash. I got to watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress movies 1 & 2 due to the Anime Movie Night’s that Crunchyroll has rolled out. I have some thoughts on the films coming up sometime soon! So look forward to it, or not…if you’re not a fan of the series. Other than that work has been a been a bit of a mixed bag. Friday was my Dad’s birthday, so we had a small family thing and today I’m taking him and mom out to celebrate. If anything I spent a lot of time this weekend playing Code:Realize and managed to finish Frankenstein’s route, and it made me tear up a little bit here and there. There was only one other otome route that’s made me cry was Saito in Hakuoki.

Title: “Altair” | Artist: Motohiro Hata meets Sakamichi no Apollon
 Show: Kids on the Slope

As you all know, I’ve started the Kids on the Slope Watch-Along on Friday. I’ve decided to go with every other day to give me some time to digest the episodes and think about it a bit. But first episode so far was pretty good in terms of grabbing my attention and the animation is different yet beautiful.

But I digress! How have you guys been? What anime’s are you watching this season? Any scenes stick out to you in particular? I, for one was happy to see Ymir and Historia’s promise finally animated! I wrote about Ymir in a past WCW, that means I can write about Historia next!

Till next time! 😀

Weekend Update, a Song and a Question!

Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood spider-man Hazel (hmm, that doesn’t quite work does it?)here to say hello and to kick off the week with you guys with another OP! I’ve chosen this for a reason, see further below!

Title: “Sakamichi no Melody” | Artist: Yuki | Show: Kids on the Slope

So, I had a pretty eventful weekend. Minus Sunday, since Sunday is my absolutely chill please don’t make me do anything while I blog day. Saturday was spent all day in San Francisco to hang with my guy bestie. He missed the original screening of SAO:Ordinal Scale and he was legit upset he missed it. Luckily the Dubbed version was announced shortly after that, so he made me promise I would go with him to see it -that was essentially what we did yesterday. Dubbed version was just as great; and honestly I was able to watch and enjoy the action scenes since I didn’t have to read subtitles.

Anyways, we grabbed lunch in Japantown; had a bottle of sake. Went to Kinokuniya where my bestie had to unfortunately watch me spiral into fangirl mode over the sight of all the merchandise of my Touken Ranbu crush Mikazuki Munechika, and over the B-Project OST among other merchandise as well as Hakuoki blind boxes. We later even got to try this ‘”culinary phenomenon” or hipster stuff called Dragon’s Breath that I had recently seen on facebook:

It’s basically Trix cereal bathed in liquid nitrogen. It was really cool at first; but after awhile your mouth starts to get tired. But it looks cool; and a ton of people will ask you where you got it. Great conversation starter!

That pretty wraps up my weekend. I’m about to finish Vision of Escaflowne today, and actually have a proposition to my followers. As most of us are already involved in weekend otaku’s Your Lie in April Re-Watch Event; I couldn’t help but be inspired to ask who would be interested in doing a Watch-a-long with me? It would be very similar to WeekendOtaku’s format; except it’s not a re-watch but an anime I haven’t seen.

Recently I stumbled across a clip to Kids on the Slope; and bookmarked it based on this one scene along. I also showed it to my bestie yesterday since he is a HUGE Jazz fan. Hence why I chose the OP for the show as this week’s feature. The performance I had seen floored me and got me to look into the show. I’m going to start watching this series soon, and wondered if anyone would be interested in participating alongside me?  Let me know in the comments below!

Other than that, I hope you all had a great weekend! I love these weekly check-ins to see how everyone’s doing!  What kind of (non)-mischief did everyone get into? If you could rank them, what would be the best thing that happened this weekend?