[ Manga/Manwha ] 2021 Reading List

Happy New Year! A new year is upon us, and so is another year of blogging! To kick off the new year, I have a few posts I have planned in. First off is my 2021 Manga Reading list!

I picked up reading a lot more manga last year, and I figure, why not talk about them?

Most of the manga I’m reading is on the Shounen Jump App. It’s really affordable for the access you get. I’ve also been on Tapas and Lezhin a lot. I do, from time to time, look at the scanlations, but always support the official releases when I can.

First part of the list can be found on the APP, unless otherwise noted.

My Hero Academia

2020 was one hell of a ride for MHA, The War Arc, has finally concluded, and we’re now heading towards a new storyline. I’ll probably create a new post to talk about MHA chapters, because I might get into spoiler territory if I continue here. A lot of development was had in the last arc, as well as a lot of tears being shed, but I still have have hope for our heroes! I’m looking forward to the aftermath of the war arc, Deku’s development (because he is best boy in my opinion), Bakugou’s growth, as well as Todoroki’s. What will there new drives be after this? Deku has a new goal, Bakugou has a new understanding, and Todoroki’s life is definitely changing drastically.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

I’m so behind on this series. But I’m dying to catch up because there’s a lot of tie-in into the main plot from what I’ve gathered around twitter and other MHA fans.

The first volume had be hooked, it was a little grittier than MHA but also had a lot more comedy in it. I remember a few panels that had me rolling on the floor laughing. So I’m curious as to what lays beyond. I like that we get to look at the non-professional hero world. I personally like the MC, Koichi Haimawari.

Jujutsu kaisen

This is one of the series I had been following before the anime. I think we’re getting closer to the end of the Shibuya Arc, and I have more questions regarding our protagonist Itadori. The themes and cast are interesting. So far, Goujou is my absolute favorite, followed by Megumi. Goujou was someone I liked at the beginning, but after I read more on his backstory I was just floored; he was even cooler than I thought. (I’m trying really hard not to spoil!)

chainsaw man

There’s been a lot of hype around this manga, and after reading the initial chapter, I could see why. It had also been recently announced that an anime adaptation was coming soon, so I figured why not see what the fuss was about. After I finished the first chapter I kind of sat stunned, wondering, how on earth are they going to animate this? But then I think about AoT, and realize, yes it’s possible.

kaiju no. 8

I picked this one up out of curiosity, and was not disappointed. The main character is a lot older than most of Shounen Jump’s MC’s and almost more relatable because of that. So far, the story is still being set up, but I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far.

Blue flag

This one is an odd duck on the Shounen Jump app. I’m used to your typical shounen that deals with either action and the power of friendship (see list above). I’m actually in the process of writing a first impression of Blue Flag because the story had me hooked. I was expecting a love story as advertised, but it wasn’t the kind of love story I had been anticipating. Not only that, it deals with a lot of thematic elements I’ve not seen in many other manga (not that I read many romance ones to be fair).

golden kamuy

Ah, Golden Kamuy. I started to read this because a friend had told me a few scenes had been taken out from the anime. I really enjoy the anime, and wanted the full experience. This one, I’m actually picking up physical volumes, I love it that much.

You can find Golden Kamuy on Viz.com. I think you have access to the website if you’re a SJ App holder. Since Golden Kamuy is listed as Mature, it won’t be listed on the App.

Attack on Titan

It has officially been announced, that Attack on Titan’s final chapter is April 9, 2021. But either way it’s been one hell of a ride for Attack on Titan. I’m on the fence on whether I’ll be adding the manga to my collection. It’s a great series, I just don’t know how re-readable it will be for me; I guess the ending will determine the fate of my wallet. LOL.


I’d seen Given floating around in Scanlation world, and when the anime was announced, I decided to check it out. I was so invested in this story I ended up reading what I could, and then buying the official volumes.

I’ve bought my Given volumes off of amazon so far!

The author has also done some phenomenal work when it comes to Haikyuu DJ’s, and honestly those are my favorite DJ’s to this date.

A business proposal

I found this one on a whim on Tapas. I was looking for something cute to pass some time and saw an ad for it, and figure why not? It’s a romantic comedy about an office worker who stands in for her bestie on a blind date set-up by her father. She’s to do whatever it takes to make the date hate her and make him never want to see her again. Turns out she’s on a blind date with the CEO of the company she works for. Misunderstandings, love triangles, romance and comedy. What more could you want in a manwha, and the art-style? The men are dreamy and the girls are stunning! Incredible. I love it so much.

Positively yours

This was another manwha I found on Tapas! I found it after I found the one above. It has the same CEO/Office Worker trope. This one is less comedy than it is really about the romance story. Main Character decides to do something out of character and has a one-night stand and ends up pregnant. Unable to contact the man, she decides to carry the child as a single-mom, until fate brings them together again.

Serene bird

This manwha is on the NSFW BL side and can be found on Lezhin. Initially, I had been looking for NSFW BL and ran across this title. I was drawn in by the art, and then saw the main love interest. There’s something appealing about a dangerous almost predatory love interest. It’s problematic in that there is a lot of manipulation and dubious consent, if not straight-up non-consensual. And before I get any flack for my choice in media to consume: it’s fiction, just because I read it doesn’t mean I condone it in real life.

Notable Mentions

Twittering birds never fly

I have been following this manga for the longest time. Unfortunately I have to read scanlations of this since official translations have been put on hold. This updates less frequently than a lot of other manga, so I will take what I can.

Literally one of my favorite Yakuza type BL’s. So much so, I bought a set of the Japanese editions!


Listen, I know. This series is over (since July 2020) and I have finished this in its entirety, but I find myself reading a lot of the chapters over and over, especially the latter half of the story. Haikyuu has given me so much in the time I’ve spent reading and watching it. I’ve cried so many tears of joy and happiness over the growth and development each character provides. There is so much depth and life in all of the characters in this world, that you can’t help but root for them, even after the manga.

I’m missing a few volumes from the first of the series and obviously the more current ones that have just come out.

I just hope we get to see the entire series animated. Because I can’t wait for the world to see what the future has in store for our boys.

I may add to this list later on, but so far this is the list of this year’s manga/manwha! What titles are you picking up this year? Or anything on this list that stick out to you in particular?

I’m also open to Recommendations! Especially when it comes to BL (cough Naja cough).

Stay tuned for the anime watch list edition!! Till next time! ❤

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