[ Twitch ] On Becoming a VTuber

Hi Everyone! Big News! (Or not really)

I’ve had a twitch account for over a year, and I may have streamed once or twice just to try it out. I mainly started going to Twitch and Mixer because my friend (the very same one that got me into blogging) was starting out as a streamer and needed support. I’ve helped Mod his channel as well as helping out in his discord as well.

Since Markermus had switched to streaming he tried to get me to start too. I didn’t think too much on it because well, I didn’t want to show my face really, but I couldn’t just be a voice and a screen. I’m a casual gamer at best; I play JRPG’s, RPG’s and Otome mainly; I didn’t think (and still don’t think) I have much of an audience.

Thankfully, Markermus built a small community of streamers on Twitch, that I’ve befriended as well. Last weekend, I really felt like trying it out again, and ah, it was so much fun, that I was thinking, hey I’ll just have fun with it and try to make it regular thing.

But, I was stuck with the conundrum, do I do it like Markermus and show my face to the whole world? Or do I do it like a few of Mark’s friends and use a 3D Avatar.

I was torn because, well, my Twitch name is another branch of Erza Mikazuki; my fic and fandom persona. I created the persona precisely because I didn’t want to show my face. So, I decided to take after one of my newly found friends on twitch via Markermus, BelialHarlequin, and create an Avatar. Markermus had told me just how easy it was to create a Vroid character, so I just started messing around with creating one this past Tuesday.

The face was kinda easy to get the right look I wanted. It took me two days to get her hair right; but to be honest, the hair is STILL the biggest hurdle. So, after many YouTube videos and lots of trial and error, Erza 1.0 was born.

Erza V1.0

As many of you know, Deku from MHA is literally best boy to me; he’s the inspiration for Erza’s freckles and his hero costume color was the base of Erza’s hair; the length of hair and bangs are psuedo-inspired by Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail, but realistically, this is how I would like my hair to look like in real life. Erza’s eyes take cues from Ufotable’s Munechika Mikazuki from Touken Ranbu: Katsugeki. He will forever be my prettiest husbando.

After that, I looked for clothes that fit both my taste and what I envisioned Erza to look like: cute and sexy. Once I found some semblance of that, I was met with more rounds of trial and error; how to map the textures right, when most of the instructions were written in Japanese took awhile, but I got it to work.

While I was absolutely in love with her overall look, I still felt like something was missing. So I decided to change up her skin color. I wanted her to reflect a little bit of me, so I gave her a bit of a tan, lol. I also went back in and darkened and added more variety in the freckles of her face, and added some make-up; which as led me to the most current Erza 2.0.

The learning curve was difficult in creating the Avatar, but I am thoroughly impressed with the outcome I’ve gotten. I already have future plans on how to better update her: her eyes, freckles, hair texture, and possibly even designing clothes. This will require extensive photoshopping, but you know, I think I’m okay with doing it.

I debuted Erza early in December on stream and a lot of people were really loving and digging seeing her and how I chose to design her. Right now she reacts to my voice and keyboard/mouse movement. However, I am currently not set-up for motion tracking with a camera, but soon. That’s also part of the next step; even updating my computer rig.

I’ve also decided that, due to my love of stationery and journaling, I’ll be creating a YouTube channel as well to do “Plan with Me”, “Journal with Me,” “Stationery Hauls” and “Penpal with Me” type videos with Erza as the face of my channel.

Anyways, it appears I’m venturing down another road, and well, I’d be more than happy to see you all on my channels if you’re around for when I stream!

Late nights seem to work for me on weekends; only because of my space limitations. My computer is in a shared space, and we’re both in and out of the room for the most part. The person I share with is there sporadically on the weekends, so I can’t really get a good gauge on their “schedule”. Until I can fix up my room, I will be sticking to late night streams on Friday and Saturday.

So if you can, please check me out and give me a follow. The goal right now is to become an affiliate, and maybe just maybe start to get an extra income doing this.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/erza_mikazuki
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4OjBZ9mhaLII359s43Khug/featured

As always, I love all of you guys. Thank you for all your support! I’ll still be updating here, streaming on twitch, making content on YouTube and writing fanfic. I have a lot going on, but you know, I think it’ll be worth it.

Till next time!

5 thoughts on “[ Twitch ] On Becoming a VTuber

  1. So WordPress, Ao3, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, I know you have an Instagram but not really linked to this, it’s just a matter of time… you also have a Patreon, the question is what’s next? Tiktok?

    Just asking which other app I need to continue to support you.

    Keep going girl you are doing great!! 😁😁

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