[ Attack on Titan ] An End to a Cruel Yet Beautiful World? Part II

[Warning: This post contains major spoilers as I will be discussing the current events of the latest chapter, proceed with caution or skip this post! ]

With Attack on Titan entering it’s final chapters, I’m left at the edge of my seat, biting my nails, just wondering how in the world this epic will end. What started off as something action based, had evolved into something political and a series that held a deeper meaning and depth to it’s story. At the end of the day, the theme of humanity echoes more distinctly above every other theme as we reach the climax.

And that brings me to the next topic of discussion: what happens next?

Isayama has already said he is 1-2% to completing the manga, and he’s actually shown the world the final panel in sketch form over a year ago. But even that’s too vague of a hint as to what is transpiring in current events.

There are several thoughts I’ve come across via discussions on YouTube and Reddit.

  1. They kill him.
    • There are a lot of thoughts that them actually killing Eren would be too simple of a solution to the entirety of the manga. Sure, Eren’s quest for freedom is to see things to the end, but will death truly free him?

      Armin’s last sentence in the chapter 134 says he wants to pull Eren out from his titan and ask him “Are you really free?” Because really, Eren is a slave to his mind because his future has already been pre-destined.

      But who gets to deal the final blow? I would think Mikasa might want to be the one to do it. Mikasa is the first person we see when Eren wakes up in the field in Chapter 1, it would be hauntingly poetic that she is the last person he sees at the conclusion of this series.

      I think it’s entirely possible that Eren could die. We’ve already past the point of no return; he’s already committed these atrocious acts, and he does them so reluctantly because he just has no choice anymore. His future has already happened, and all he can do is see it though to the end.
  2. Can he be saved? Can Mikasa save him?
    • I fee too little too late is another theme of Attack on Titan? We saw it with Jean when he hesitated to kill first or be killed. But, Mikasa serves as a prime example. Before Eren goes off the deep end and forsakes the rest of his humanity in order to go through with his plan, he pointedly asks Mikasa, “What am I to you?”

      Mikasa’s communication has not been her strong suit, especially with Eren. Growing up they seemed to have an unspoken bond, but Eren has realized something throughout the series, he’s not sure he understands why Mikasa sticks to him. At first, he thinks its something ingrained in her Ackermann blood that makes her cling to him. But Zeke, tells him that Mikasa simply just cares about him.

      Mikasa questions if she had confronted her feelings and answered him differently, would the outcome have been different? If Mikasa hadn’t said Family, would that have been the shred of humanity that Eren would’ve clung to? To fight the future for?

      It’s highly unlikely that romance would’ve been a motivating factor, but if Mikasa had chosen differently, what would have changed?

      Mikasa claims she will be the one to bring Eren back to them. But in what way? It’s important to note that Mikasa has not worn the red scarf that Eren had gifted to her as children. I have two thoughts for this. One, in the way that Eren put it around Mikasa that day as children, represented Eren saving her, and showing her that the world that while the world was cruel, it still had its beautiful moments. I could anticipate that Mikasa will wrap the scarf around Eren after pulling him out, and tell him what he told her as kids, “Let’s go home.”

      Second, this thought is a callback to season 2, when Eren couldn’t use his Titan powers to protect Mikasa just as the smiling titan is in front of them. Mikasa had accepted her death in that moment, and thanked Eren for everything, especially the scarf.

      Eren’s will to fight is revived and he says to Mikasa, that he would wrap that scarf around her as many times as she wanted. It is possible that she could try to get him to remember that moment, to remember his promise to her on that day.
  3. Historia’s Pregnancy
    • Historia is pregnant with an unknown character’s child. But is it really a stranger’s child? I just want to play devil’s advocate here because: when Eren came to Historia to tell her he will start “The Rumbling”; he offered to erase her memory of the very conversation they were having so she wouldn’t feel like a guilty party.

      But right after that conversation Historia asks Eren what he thinks about her having a child. That just makes you wonder: what was Eren’s answer? And while it may have been officially confirmed that Eren’s not the Father (I think?), you cant help but think about the motivation Historia had to ask Eren that to begin with. It’s also during this flashback that we see Eren talking to Zeke about Mikasa’s feelings for Eren; something he doesn’t quite understand.

      Either way I think this child has a role in the future. Did Eren say yes to Historia and promise to give the child the freedom they deserve? I feel like this could be it.

      It’s also speculated that the final panel that Isayama shared last year, looked like the back of Grisha as he held Eren saying “You are Free.” There was a bit of debate as to the theme of freedom wasn’t exactly Grisha’s; and while it may not have been, it surely was Eren’s. It could be the one thing that his Father told him as a truth he could hold onto, and possiblyl the last memory he sees before he dies.

      The other speculation is that it’s Eren holding the child. Does Eren somehow make his way back to the island of Paradis, holding this child after surviving The Rumbling telling the child they are free? Or is this the stranger that’s Fathered the child?

      Either way, I think Historia’s pregnancy has a very significant role.

  4. Redemption?
    • Is there really any hope for Eren? He’s turned into a mass murderer with no remorse. He only has one thing left to do: see it through till the end. Eren’s character has gone through an incredible journey, but I honestly am unsure if there will be any sense of redemption for our protagonist at this point.

      I would really like for Eren to have some inkling of humanity left in him that can be reverted back, but there is very little evidence of him changing his mind at this point.

If you’re a manga reader, what do you think could be the possible outcome of Attack on Titan? What are your thoughts of Eren’s descent into madness? Idea’s on what Historia’s pregnancy means to the storyline at hand?

Anyway, I’d love to hear anyone’s final thoughts on Attack on Titan.

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