The Little Brother: Prompto Argentum

Welcome back to another fantastic Man Crush Monday! As a follow-up to last week’s promise, I am continuing the FFXV features.

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Last we looked at Team Mom: Ignis Scientia. This week I wanted to take a look at the baby of the bunch. The adorkable kid brother: Prompto. I have to say, while Ignis really takes the cake for being such an all-arounder man that can do it all; there are so many endearing qualities of Prompto as well! He’s probably the most grounded, relateable character on FFXV. Uh, and it probably helps that he’s a blonde…?



I just HAD to use this one-liner sub-title from Irina in the comments last week. Again, I cannot emphasize enough just how great the FFXV Brotherhood OVA’s are. You can see the full series in its entirety on crunchyroll. Yes, the svelte pretty boy Prompto was quite the robust child. It shows how much of a shy boy Prompto really is, and how he really worked hard to shed the weight in order to become someone worthy of Prince Noctis’ presence. Little did he know though, that the Prince didn’t care so much for looks and had always known who Prompto was when they were kids.



image via final fantasy wikia

Like Prompto, I am very much insecure about a lot of things about myself. In the game, he approaches Noctis one night just to share his appreciation for becoming one of Noctis’ crownsguard and essentially one of his besties. He thanks Noctis for giving him the time or day, when there were others who were probably worth more his time. Noctis brushes that off, saying that he was always worth his time, and shouldn’t be so hard on himself. I’ve often said that about myself to the closest of friends, so again, Prompto, you’re the most relateable character to me.

The Lighthearted One

Much like everyone else in this little band of thieves, they all have some really punny one-liners. I think that’s the appeal of the group. Despite the trials and tribulations they face, we see their light-hearted side pop-out from time to time. If he’s not making jokes, he’s often the butt of the jokes. Luckily he just let’s them slide off his back like nothing, and he knows his bro’s are just messing around.

image via Cath Rine at ArtStation

Also, he has this super cute obsession with chocobos! I can’t stress enough how cute I think it is when he’s singing “Iiiii want to ride my chocobo all day”. You can’t help but giggle at it no matter how many times it loops! He’s just a blast to have on the team. He’s nothing but a positive ball of sunshine.

The Photographer

image via final fantasy wikia
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I. love. photographer. characters. period. Whenever I find character’s that have the same hobbies as me, I can’t help but relate and root for them. I love creative souls, and the fact that Prompto loves to take random landscape shots throughout the game is just sooo something I would do. Finding beauty in the mundane every day things you’d see. Prompto wins points in my book for those things.

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Also, did I mention he’s the king of selfies!

What do you think of Prompto? Was he one of your favorites in FFXV? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “The Little Brother: Prompto Argentum

  1. I do love Prompto too. I love his happy and goofiness. He’s the one friend who can make you laugh. However, like you said, I also get insecure sometimes. Watching his background episode and revealed a lot for his character.

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