[Collaboration] Will This ‘Ship Sink or Sail?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you’re having a great day whether you’re a single pringle (lol, what LitaKino from KinoReviews would say) or in a loving relationship. I hope you are celebrating today with lots of love. And as Kageyama in the header says, “…what does this mean?” Well, keep on reading!

Today’s special post started off as a passing thought brought up by blogging bestie Mel. We decided to bring aboard Irina, our newest recruit due to our shared love of KnB and other bishies and ikemen.

The rules of the post were that each of us picked an anime in which we would choose ‘ships for someone else to write about. Obviously we picked ones that we were either partial to, or wanted to hear what they thought about. Honestly, for me, I chose really rare pairs from my anime of choice (Free! of course) to give to Mel and Irina. I wanted to know what they think, because in my head (and in the fanfic’s I’ve read) they work and are actually quite cute.

Mel chose the sport anime Haikyuu!! while Irina went with the more mature adult route in choosing Bungou Stray Dogs. When Mel told me her pick for me, I couldn’t help but laugh because I KNOW we both like this rare pair, so it’s a bit of a freebie for me to write about them. However, Irina’s choice from Bungou really has me thinking about it and having to re-visit these particular characters.

So, will these ship’s weather my storm of judgement or will they sail through calm waters?

First up is Mel’s choice:

UshiOi (Ushijima Wakatoshi x Oikawa Tooru)

image via ushiozineidn

Besides Free and KnB my third Sports Anime Obsession is Haikyuu!! I have a few OTPs from the show, but there are very few rare pairs that appeal to me.  There have been countless times in which Mel and I have fangirled over the underestimated hotness of Ushijima and Oikawa. The fanart really hits that fact home, but I won’t share some of those because *cough* those can be pretty NSFW. Also, not to mention that, Mel actually did write Fanfic on this pairing that truly terrified me due to the characteristics that Mel had given Ushijima (a crazed stalker that was obsessed with Oikawa). But let’s be real, her take on him is not that far off from the truth. Ushijima is often made fun of for his, “You should’ve come to Shiratorizawa” bit.

Aesthetically, as stated, they’re actually a pretty hot couple. Both pretty boys of their team, and incredibly talented. In terms of personality, they’re pretty polar opposites in demeanor. Ushijima is stoic and serious, and while Oikawa has bouts of seriousness, he’s often depicted to be more child-like with his quips, and quite the flirt with his flock of fangirls.

So yeah, it’s easy to see how Ushijima could easily get possessive of someone like Oikawa, but I think Oikawa would also be the sly type to tease the people he likes. I think they’d balance each other out a bit evenly; Oikawa interjecting more fun into Ushijima’s life, and Ushijima would kind of somehow tame Oikawa a bit. And, I think the fanart above depicts this rare pair fairly well, Oikawa bumbling about while you have the serious Ushijima in all his seriousness taking care to watch after Oikawa.

So yes, I would say, yeahhhh, I ‘ship it. 


Next up is Irina’s choice:

FukuYosa (Fukuzawa Yukichi x Akiko Yosano)
Bungou Stray Dogs


I’ll admit, this one has me thrown for a loop. I tried to google the pairing but have come up rather short. I found absolutely ZERO fanart, zero fanfics, zero relationship between these two. Now, granted, the pairs I assigned Mel and Irina barely hold interactions, they’re still somewhat linked to one another.

Aesthetically, they are actually quite cute together. Yosano is really pretty and rather classy. Fukuzawa is rather handsome and quite a classic man himself. I’m just surprised I never gave him a second look while I actually watched the show – he’s quite the silver fox. And what do you know his wikia pages says his alias is “Silver Wolf.”

Fukuzawa is the Director of the Armed Detective Agency and Yosano is not exactly close to the Director and seems fairly new? I don’t know her history with the Armed Detective Agency and it appears that only Kunikida is the closest as Fukuzawa is a mentor since Fukuzawa isn’t present a lot in the first season of BSD. And, In terms of their abilities, they are quite powerful gifts, and could actually work together.

I’m solely basing this on what I’ve read about them. But I can see these two holding highly intellectually and incredibly deep conversations with one another over philosophy and politics for some reason. Yosano is a strong-willed feminist, and I actually think that Fukuzawa would not only respect that but encourage her to be the kind of person she wants to be. He’d fully support her and also advocate for her when it comes to equality. She can be a bit hot headed, and he’s more the calm cool collected type. He’d almost even her out I think, know when to encourage her, and know when to talk her down….

That being said hmmmm, I can kind of see it. This ‘ships afloat and far from sinking. I see the potential in it, and almost – just almost there in investing in it a bit more. Unless, Irina can convince me otherwise ;).

What do you guys think of the ‘ships that were assigned to me? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to check out Mel’s and Irina’s posts!

11 thoughts on “[Collaboration] Will This ‘Ship Sink or Sail?

  1. I was actually waiting for this since a while ago. Sorry, I’m not really familiar with the other Anime featured here but I know of Wakatoshi and Oikawa. I really don’t know about it at first if you didn’t mention them both but yes, I have to agree that there is chemistry between them. Especially when Wakatoshi is persuading(provoking) Oikawa to join his team.

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