Zero Gravity Hero: Uravity!

I got into My Hero Academia a bit late in the game, as I started watching Season 1 midway through mid-season 2 was airing. And yes, I caught up real fast. There’s no doubt that all the females on this show are ambitious women striving to be hero’s at UA. But there’s one that stands out to me the most.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with since she graced my screen in the first season, and even more of a stand out character in season 2. That’s right, none other than our Zero Gravity Hero: Uravity. Real Name, Ochako Uraraka.  Also, she’s best girl.

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Uraraka, stood out to me because of her sweet bubbly personality, and her overwhelmingly positive attitude. And if you’re new to who Uraraka is, she’s one of the supporting female leads, whose super power is ‘Zero Gravity’ a quick that allows her to manipulate gravity through touch. Her positive attitude bit resonates with me a lot, because no matter how bleak a situation may appear, I’m always striving to the something positive from it. And, if you’ve been following me on twitter, then you would have seen that I actually cosplayed as Uraraka for Halloween.

But I digress, here are three things that have me absolutely obsessed with this girl!

Bend it like Deku


I apologize for the lame attempt at a joke. But in all seriousness, she’s a bit like Deku! In fact it’s probably better to refer her to as the female version of Deku. As mentioned earlier, she’s overwhelmingly positive, and her reactions and actions are over exaggerated just like him (fyi- I ‘ship it – not that that really matters though).

If anything, she strives to be more like Deku. Over the course of their blossoming friendship it has become clear that she admires his mental and emotional toughness and his compassionate character. And when we admire someone, we can’t help but be inspired to be like them, hence we always see her thinking ‘what would Deku do in this situation?’ It’s one thing to look up to someone, but to be able to adapt their way of thinking to your style somehow is easier said than done. But I think over the course of the anime so far, she’s grown a lot and tries not to rely on Deku as much.

Humble Beginnings

Most super hero’s come from some kind of tragic backstory (I’m looking at you Todoroki!) that propel them forward. However, Ochako’s drive to become a hero isn’t because she wants the world to be a better place or to bring her ideals of justice to life.

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Her driving force for heroism is her parents. She just wants to provide for her parents and give them the life they deserve for working so hard. So yes, Ochako’s main goal here is earning money to help support her parents livelihood, as they are going through a rough spot financially. When she was asked by Iida and Deku as her reasonings for becoming a hero, she was a bit embarassed that she’s got a monetary goal in mind, but she doesn’t back down from the fact she’s doing it for her family. The boys can respect her reasonings because they know it’s for the benefit of her parents whom she loves very much.

Resilience + Tenacity = Growth

If there’s absolutely anything to love about Uraraka, it’s her tenacity and her resilience. Uraraka know what her weaknesses are, and her own physical limitations. Yet, despite accepting these limitations, she thrives on overcoming them. There are two prime examples of her tenacity and resilience.

Uraraka VS. Bakugo

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During the sports festival, the odds were stacked against Uraraka. It’s truly an unforgettable battle. Despite getting blasted over and over Uraraka stands up and continues to attack. While everyone thought she was being foolish into attacking Bakugo head-on, she had a plan going on in the background. It ALMOST got the best of Bakugo, but well, we know what happened.

There are a few important things of note from this battle. Urarka didn’t ask for Deku’s help, nor did she accept it when he came to her with a possible strategy; she wouldn’t even hear it. She knew she had to do this on her own, and not rely on Deku so much Her plan was pretty damn smart if you ask me and I still think if she was just a tad bit faster, she would’ve reached Bakugo.

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The second thing to note in this battle is Bakugo’s attitude towards her. Bakugo doesn’t really acknowledge classmates by their name, At the beginning of their battle, he basically calls her “round face”. Over the course of the battle Uraraka came up with a plan on her own in hopes to win over Bakugo. Despite almost being blown away by Bakugo’s sheer physical strength, she doesn’t back down and continues till she can’t physically continue. The battle overall combined with a plan he could not catch on to right away was enough for him to acknowledge her for her strength and determination, as he actually calls her by her name ‘Uraraka’ at the end of the match.

Uraraka’s Internship with Gunhead

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After the sports festival, all the students go on to intern with someone that’s reached out and requested for them. Uraraka decides to intern with Gunhead. Although Uraraka would probably be more of a rescuing hero type as she looks up to Thirteen, she signs up with combat hero Gunhead. This surprises everyone, but her reasonings were due to the fact she lacks in the physicality department. She opts to go with Gunhead to up her physicality by learning combat techniques to add to her repertoire. During her internship, Uraraka learned how to grapple, take down and throw her opponents.

The fact that Uraraka seeks out to learn something that is her weakness shows that she does want to be an well rounded hero that can be ready for combat if it was absolutely necessary. The willingness to address what your weaknesses are and to actually improve upon them is no easy task, but Uraraka is excited to tackle it as she looks really hyped up for her internship much to everyone’s surprise – again, her overwhelmingly positive attitude kicks in at times like these. To her, being able to be stronger in combat allows for more possibilities to open up to her.

Overall Uraraka has been just such a great character on the show; I can’t get enough of her. Her positive attitude and the influence Deku has on her is slowly but surely helping her improve and become the hero she wants to be. Albeit her reasonings for being a hero are different than everyone else’s, hers is born on the realistic aspect of what it means to be a hero in their world. Which is another reason why I absolutely love love love this show, everyone’s reasons for becoming a hero are so vastly different, and yet their paths to becoming a hero take place on the same path, through UA. I can’t wait for Season 3 to come to see what else she and everyone else brings to the table!

What did you guys like about Uraraka? Have some of you watched My Hero Academia? What are your thoughts on the show? Let me know in the comments below!

18 thoughts on “Zero Gravity Hero: Uravity!

    1. Maybe its because I watched both seasons back to back I didn’t catch the amount of character development that occurred in season 2, but I whole-heartedly agree that she really shined this past season! Oh yes! When she approached Deku, and Deku cried! It was definitely a great scene between them 🙂

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  1. I love Uraraka! I agree that her growth, especially during the sports festival, is great. That fight of hers against Bakugo is one of the most memorable fights for me! I love that after the fight, when Kaminari described Uraraka sa a “frail/fragile girl”, Bakugo said, “What part of her is frail?” With the recent happenings in the manga, I have a feeling she’ll undergo some developments again. 😀


    1. It’s a really great show! 🙂 I know, I had avoided it at first because I was afraid it was getting too much hype around it, but I was definitely wrong. Every character has their own drive and reasonings for becoming a hero, which is really great! 🙂


  2. Yes to everything you said!! Honestly I’m not a huge fan of female characters but MHA did such a good job at creating loveable characters regardless of gender. I’ve liked Uraraka since the beginning and lol, her name is so pretty like and so HER. And omg that fight with Bakugou was like the cherry on top for her development! It just keeps getting better and I hope s3 highlights all that 😀 which reminds me, I should probably finish s2 and continue the manga 👌👌👌

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    1. I need to continue the manga as well. Or at least start it. HAHA. Female characters for me are also far and few between. for me. But I’m trying to be more open about them. LOL. But uraraka is so great! And totes agree, her name Uravity is sooooo her! ❤ I cant wait to read more about her!

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