[OP/ED] | Sunday Salutations

Good evening everyone! I’m a bit late again with my weekly post, but the weekend was a bit busy (but really what else is new right?)

This week’s feature is a bit of an oldie, but a goodie!

Title: Tenchi Gaeshi (天地ガエシ) | Artist: NICO Touches the Walls| Show: Haikyuu! (Season 1)

I usually put Haikyuu!! on as more of a background noise when I want something on. I recently got the Limited Edition Set, so be on the look-out for the review on that sometime soon!

So, how was everyone’s weekends? This past weekend we actually celebrated my Grandma’s 89th birthday. Her actual birthday its December 24th, but we hold an annual party for her a week before the holidays begin. We had lots of food, and we also ended up doing a lot of line-dancing (very typical of us Filipinos, I know) and we ended up staying up as late as 4AM including clean-up and travel time from venue to the house. So I slept in a bit today, and then a buddy messaged me to meet up for lunch, so I ended up having ramen and talking over milk tea and coffee about live and a little bit of anime.

Anyways, that was a bit of my weekend in a nutshell. Hope to hear about yours in the comments below! 🙂 And have a great week everyone!

9 thoughts on “[OP/ED] | Sunday Salutations

  1. I actually prefer the 3rd season OP for Haikyuu, since it’s somewhat energetic, but this one wasn’t a bad choice either.

    Wew, sounds like you had a fun weekend. For me it was the usual cram school and SURPRISE TESTS ON SUNDAY!!! *Flips table*
    My precious Sunday was ruined TAT
    But at least I got to eat my favorite meal for dinner so it’s cool XD

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  2. My weekend was dominated by the disappointment for the latest installment of the Star Wars trilogy. It was a sad affair that left me feeling angry and sad at the same time. But oh well, it can’t be helped I guess.
    Great song in this post though. Hope you will have a terrific week ! 😀

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      1. For me it unfortunately was. There are also people that really liked it though. It has really divided the fans and that there seems to be no middle ground for this one. You either really like it or hate it 😊


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