Zero Gravity Hero: Uravity!

I got into My Hero Academia a bit late in the game, as I started watching Season 1 midway through mid-season 2 was airing. And yes, I caught up real fast. There’s no doubt that all the females on this show are ambitious women striving to be hero’s at UA. But there’s one that stands out to me the most.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with since she graced my screen in the first season, and even more of a stand out character in season 2. That’s right, none other than our Zero Gravity Hero: Uravity. Real Name, Ochako Uraraka.  Also, she’s best girl.

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Uraraka, stood out to me because of her sweet bubbly personality, and her overwhelmingly positive attitude. And if you’re new to who Uraraka is, she’s one of the supporting female leads, whose super power is ‘Zero Gravity’ a quick that allows her to manipulate gravity through touch. Her positive attitude bit resonates with me a lot, because no matter how bleak a situation may appear, I’m always striving to the something positive from it. And, if you’ve been following me on twitter, then you would have seen that I actually cosplayed as Uraraka for Halloween.

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[KnB Challenge] Day 4 | Least Favorite Female Character

Welcome to Day 4 of the KnB Challenge!

Okay, let’s be real here. There’s a total of FOUR women that have roles in Kuroko no Basket and honestly none of them have many faults. Surprised? Instead of me tearing down any of these girls, let’s talk about them in a positive light! I know, it seems hypocritical considering I trashed Makoto Hanamiya yesterday, but, there really is no bad female in this show. Although many of these ladies are minor characters, they have really strong roles, and it’s actually another aspect as to why I love this show! So let’s break it down!

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