[KnB Challenge] Day 3 | Least Favorite Male Character: Makoto Hanamiya

It’s Day 3 of the KnB Challenge! Today we’re looking at my least favorite of the men of KnB. There are quite a few to choose from, but when it comes to least favorite, is it safe to say he’s probably the number one character I probably hate the most on this series?

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The title says it all, I have a huge dislike/bordering hate for Makoto Hanamiya. First of all, how dare he share the same first name as one of my favorites, Makoto Tachibana! And his eyebrows really just bother me; but surprisingly his manga version appears to be a lot more attractive. But I digress! Shogo Haizaki would be a close second, but despite his poor attitude, he still is no where close to the bottom of the scumbag meter if there ever was one.

Hanamiya is the epitome of dirty player. When things don’t go his way, he resorts to sabotaging the game to ensure his own win. Hurting, injuring players when the referee’s aren’t looking isn’t fair, but it’s also really uncool. He was labeled as a “bad boy” but he gives the “bad boy” persona a bad name. Bad boys are supposed to be jerks in a cool kind of smoldering way. He embodies none of that.

He’s one of the “Uncrowned Kings”, a group of players that could have been prodigies, but were overshadowed by the Generation of Miracles. Maybe that’s why Hanamiya has such a big chip on his shoulder, but no one should ever resort to physically hurting another player to get an advantage. So yeah, Hanamiya, if I were to give an award for worst piece of trash, you’d definitely be number one.

LOL, okay so that was a bit more scathing than I had intended. But he’s the type of character that makes your skin crawl!

What do you think of Hanamiya? Does he have any fans? Or is he literally the most hated of them all? Let me know what you think! 🙂

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