[KnB Challenge] Day 3 | Least Favorite Male Character: Makoto Hanamiya

It’s Day 3 of the KnB Challenge! Today we’re looking at my least favorite of the men of KnB. There are quite a few to choose from, but when it comes to least favorite, is it safe to say he’s probably the number one character I probably hate the most on this series?

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The character I’m choosing to talk about today is from the anime Berserk (2016). I had high hopes for this anime – but it seemed rather rushed and from what I’ve read; they really did rush through a lot of the source material – covering volumes in one episode.

There’s only been one character in my history of watching anime that really annoyed me/got on my nerves. She’s literally the worst character I’ve ever seen. The episodes she appeared in almost made this show unbearable to watch. So let’s talk about Nina. There will be heavy spoilers to describe why she’s annoying – so proceed with caution if you’re interested in watching this show.


Nina is a young prostitute in the refugee camp. Maybe its her age and her naiveity but I just can’t stand her. ¬†She’s a total coward, completely whiney, and incredibly selfish. And she has a tendency to flip flop and will betray anyone to save herself. She loves her “sister” Luca (the leader of the prostitutes) but at the same time hates her because she’s jealous of how brave and selfless Luca is. I’ve read that they’re supposed to be polar opposites but my gosh does this girl really grind my gears.

Also, Nina has a lover and she showed her true side to him by taking him to a cultist group that holds orgies in a cave. Freaked out the guy tries to leave; but because she was rejected she pushes him off a cliff in hopes to kill him. Surprisingly he survives unscathed and disappears for most of the show until the final episode where he runs into Nina again. Nina appologizes for trying to kill him and they end up getting back together. I’m sorry but if a lover tried to kill me; hell would have to freeze over and they’d have to be the last person on Earth for me to ever go back or even let them near me. And at the end, she lies to Luca! She tells her she’s going to be back really quick but she disappears with her Lover; so Luca is standing in the middle of the wasteland called Albion waiting for Nina’s sorry ass. UGH! There really are no words to describe how much this girl bothers me!!

I’m going to end it here because I’m getting incredibly aggravated the more I write about her. LOL, so that’ll be it for today.

Who’s a character that annoyed you guys the most in an anime?