IT’S THE FINAL DAY!! I’ll do a final wrap-up final thoughts post tomorrow as my complete wrap up. But moving on!


The anime that came to mind for this prompt is Trigun. I’m picking Trigun for a number of reasons. Overall the story was good and the character development of Vash was really good. I wrote about him on Day 3 – Favorite Male Character Ever. But there were a lot of unanswered questions regarding Vash; I get that there isn’t much to say about him overall but there was a connection he had with the “plants” of each city on the planet and he called them his brothers and sisters. We weren’t given much explanation though which has obviously irked me. I felt the second arc of Trigun to be a bit on the rushed side, and felt that maybe it would’ve benefited from a second season. I also would’ve liked to see what the future held for the Vash and Knives after the latter’s defeat in the duel.  How would Vash help Knives at that point? I was always so curious! It’s probably time for me to read the manga to see what happened.

However, even though this series had it’s share of flaws, it had an overwhelmingly positive impact on me as anime viewer. Trigun, to me has withstood the test of time and is one of my absolute favorites, if not a classic, in my library. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Trigun maybe even as a reboot if it were to come around. One that possibly stayed more true to the manga.  I don’t think the anime followed it completely.

Is there any animes you wish had another season? If so, tell me your thoughts in the comments below!lovenpeace


When I think bad-ass; there are a handful of character’s that run through my head. However, when I think of an ultimate bad-ass scene from an anime character – I’d have to pick one of my all-time favorites: Captain Levi of the Scouting Legion.


If you haven’t seen the OVA about his life before the scouts I highly recommend watching it.  Not only does it set-up Levi’s backstory but also sets up how he comes to view the world of titans and how he comes to terms with his belief in Commander Erwin and the scouting regiment. On top of that Levi goes absolutely berserk spurned on heavily by his emotions. It’s pretty clear that Levi never wears his emotions or heart on his sleeve, and with good measure. If you’ve been reading the manga you know why; Levi’s story is actually quite tragic and the OVA depicts it pretty well. We see him performing at his peak and we also see him in his most vulnerable state,  he’s actually devastated and crying!

The only other time we’ve ever seen Levi perform at this kind of level is against the female titan when he retrieves Eren in the forest. But this OVA is a whole other level; you really need to see it if you haven’t already! I cannot stress this enough!

This scene is extremely violent and really graphic. It really pushes the tragedy that’s befallen Levi home. The juxtaposition of the sad melancholic piano piece over this scene encapsulates and expresses the sorrow that Levi is feeling; however instead of showing sadness he chooses to express himself with pure rage. Here’s a clip of him going berserk:

Attack on Titan has a lot of OVA’s. Levi’s backstory ranks at the top followed by Jean’s short story (that includes cooking).  I hope you enjoyed the clip – despite the goriness of it all. What other bad ass scenes come to mind? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Maybe I’ll add more to my long list of anime’s to watch!


The scene I want to talk about today is both a mixture of utter shock and sadness. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Illyasviel Von Einzbern in UBW. She’s basically one of the bad guys. There wasn’t enough character development of her for me to get attached to her. So what happens to her didn’t exactly pull on my heartstrings or make me bawl my eyes out like Your Lie in April. But what happens is indeed really sad

SPOILERS ahead if you haven’t seen Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Gilgamesh probably ranks second in favorite villain category. He’s got this disdain for humanity and his greed for the holy grail and he’s incredibly full of himself – the so-called the King of Heroes. Illyasviel isn’t exactly human. She’s a homunculus created and raised by the Einzbern family. She’s got a bit of a really sad backstory involving the M.C Shirou; but that’s another story.

Anyways, this scene is really brutal. Gilgamesh is a total sadist in this scene. If you didn’t like him before you’d definitely hate him now. I know I definitely did!  He’s a servant just like Illyasviel’s Berserker. In this scene he’s just finished killing Berserker leaving Illyasviel all alone in the world. As shes stands in her state of grief, Gilgamesh pulls a sword out and when she looks at him, it’s implied that he blinds her.  As shes stumbling around trying to get to Berserker’s body, he casually walks up to her and sticks her with his blade. She collapses and as she lays dying she thinks she’s finally touched Berserker and dies peacefully. However, she’s actually touching a rock. All while doing this, Gilgamesh is just standing there watching her with a smirk on his face. What makes this really sad is actually watching her die and stumble around completely weak. I’m attaching the clip; however it’s title honorable death – I don’t think she died honorably at all.


Ah, just watching this makes me feel kind of sad and frustrated again with how she dies and Gilgamesh’s lack of humanity.

Anyways, that’s all for today’s prompt! 5 more days! Whats the saddest death scene you’ve guys watched?


A moment that shocked me the most in an anime. Hmm, there’s one in mind I had but I’m going to save that for tomorrow’s prompt because it’s both shocking and really really sad. I don’t exactly like the horror genre, so I tend to avoid it because I end up sleeping with the lights on for a few weeks after watching something scary. But one day I was home sick and I figured it didn’t hurt to try one in the middle of the day and it had been on my “to watch” list for quite some time.

Another, is the first of the horror genre for me and it won’t be the last. I was actually surprised that I ENJOYED this one. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it! 

But I have to say there were a LOT of shocking moments in this show just because I wasn’t expecting a lot of this stuff to happen! First was the nurse in the elevator! My jaw literally dropped by how gory her untimely death was. Then the umbrella incident! Gah! My eyes! Watching this reminded me of that one teen movie, “Final Destination”.

But the most memorable shocking moments was one of the last episodes, when they’re at the lodge in the woods. Almost half the class dies in all kinds of unfortunate incidents. It was just a mass slaughter of characters that seemed to be senseless. I’ve never seen so much death in that short of a span (I’m not going to count AoT in that regard). Such a crazy ending to this anime! I don’t think I even rememeber the outcome of it…seems like I may have to re-watch this one at some point…hmmmm *contemplates* I’ve linked the episode with some of these deaths above

I think that’s all for today’s prompt. Do any you have a particular anime that shocked you?


I thought sitting on this one would help me figure out what I thought was my favorite attack. But I don’t think I was able to narrow it down to one. I was going to use another Fairy Tail reference, but have decided against it – and re-visit another anime that I’ve spoken about already, One Punch Man.


Saitama’s attack “Consecutive Normal Punches” is so normal that you can’t help but laugh. But in action it’s actually quite incredible; especially in his fight against Boros. I’m going to post a link but FAIR WARNING, if you haven’t seen One Punch Man this is probably a huge spoiler considering its the LAST FIGHT of the season. You have been warned! The second link is from one of the earlier episodes but, the disclaimer still stands.

What I really love about One Punch’s Satire is the fact that these battles poke fun at most of the shonen genre. There’s always the long drawn out monologues of characters as they face their opponent; and then sometimes there comes a time for character’s to power up – which can take forever sometimes THEN they leave you hanging till the next episode for the actual fight to occur. Saitama actually get’s bored with said monologues and just wants to get the fight over with – and he ends them much more quickly than they even began.

That’s all I could come up with for this post. What are your thoughts on favorite attacks? I feel like I’m forgetting some other major attacks out of the series’ I’ve seen but this is the one that sprang to mind.

I can’t believe this is the last week of the challenge! Till next time! 😀



There are a lot of cool gadgets out there in the anime universe. Especially in the weaponry department. But one weapon stands out above the rest to me; the weapon OF choice in Psycho-pass: The Dominator.


The Dominator, a.k.a. Dominator Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System is a firearm carried by Inspectors and Enforcers in the MWPSB. The gun is programmed to an individual user and requires authentication via the SIBYL system. Once the Dominator recognizes it’s user – it’s like a mini-computer that links to your brain and you can see the screen in your periphery. When pointed at an individual it’s constantly assessing the psychological status of that person and determines the value of their crime coefficient. There are different modes that the Dominator functions at. The lowest being is the “non-lethal paralyzer” in which it just stuns the target and knocks them out. If the crime co-efficient goes beyond a certain level (300) the gun transforms and actually fires in “Lethal Eliminator” mode which completely kills the target, also known as the “anti-person lethal mode”.  The last mode is “Destory Decomposer” – the target is annihilated, also known as the “anti-material mode” in which it works best against drones.


The transformative properties of the dominator is what makes it the coolest weapon I’ve seen. The fact that it transformst and is linked to an overall system that helps appraise the status of their targets is pretty amazing really intricate in design. And I am definitely a sucker for great design. The gun is pretty sweet looking too. I admit I’ve been tempted to buy a replica for display but…unfortunately I think it’s absurd to pay $1,000 for it, even if it transforms like the anime (T_T). The destruction this weapon produces really violent results. I remember the first time Kogami fired the domintor I was in total shock and awe that it produced that much power. If you haven’t seen it; you really need to see the dominator in action!dominator_transformation


Okay, so again I’m really torn about today’s prompt. I have a few in mind, especially after talking with melinanimeland about this. She brought up a character that I forgot was hilariously goofy from Kuroko No Basket. So then I was torn because there was another sports anime character I wanted to write about. But I think, I’m going to go with my original thought and not the KnB character. Just because, like mel is biased to KnB, I’m a bit biased to Haikyuu!


Tanaka Ryuunosuke, one of Karasuno’s wing spikers, is adorably hilarious with his crazy antics. Often described as loud mouthed,  hot headed, and a bit of a slacker when it comes to his studies, Tanaka is basically your every day punk/delinquent. Even though he’s hot headed, he plays volleyball seriously and once he gets in a groove he can be unstoppable. When he scores he’s usually shown taking off his shirt and swinging it around (see gif below) in an over-the-top celebration. Daichi Sawamura is always scolding him whenever Tanaka decides to make silly faces to intimidate opponents or anyone that looks down on his team and teammates. He has a huge crush on the club manager Shimizu Kiyoko and tries to greet her from time to time; but she usually ignores him. Even thought she does that – he’s often shown loving the fact he’s been ignored and that it’s a turn on for him. He’s a riot! Also it seems like his BFF is Nishinoya Yuu – and their bromance is adorable.  They both have crushes on Kiyoko and are often shown together in the series.

if you follow my twitter you will have seen this on a recent tweet. Also one of my fave gifs of him ever.

Tanaka may  appear to be a punk; but behind that facade is a very warm-hearted, supportive of his teammates and also surprisingly protective. He’s basically the older brother you wish you had; which is why he’s actually one of my favorite Haikyuu characters.

I’ll leave you with a bunch of gif’s to finish this post off.

Who stands out to you as a goofy character?




The character I’m choosing to talk about today is from the anime Berserk (2016). I had high hopes for this anime – but it seemed rather rushed and from what I’ve read; they really did rush through a lot of the source material – covering volumes in one episode.

There’s only been one character in my history of watching anime that really annoyed me/got on my nerves. She’s literally the worst character I’ve ever seen. The episodes she appeared in almost made this show unbearable to watch. So let’s talk about Nina. There will be heavy spoilers to describe why she’s annoying – so proceed with caution if you’re interested in watching this show.


Nina is a young prostitute in the refugee camp. Maybe its her age and her naiveity but I just can’t stand her.  She’s a total coward, completely whiney, and incredibly selfish. And she has a tendency to flip flop and will betray anyone to save herself. She loves her “sister” Luca (the leader of the prostitutes) but at the same time hates her because she’s jealous of how brave and selfless Luca is. I’ve read that they’re supposed to be polar opposites but my gosh does this girl really grind my gears.

Also, Nina has a lover and she showed her true side to him by taking him to a cultist group that holds orgies in a cave. Freaked out the guy tries to leave; but because she was rejected she pushes him off a cliff in hopes to kill him. Surprisingly he survives unscathed and disappears for most of the show until the final episode where he runs into Nina again. Nina appologizes for trying to kill him and they end up getting back together. I’m sorry but if a lover tried to kill me; hell would have to freeze over and they’d have to be the last person on Earth for me to ever go back or even let them near me. And at the end, she lies to Luca! She tells her she’s going to be back really quick but she disappears with her Lover; so Luca is standing in the middle of the wasteland called Albion waiting for Nina’s sorry ass. UGH! There really are no words to describe how much this girl bothers me!!

I’m going to end it here because I’m getting incredibly aggravated the more I write about her. LOL, so that’ll be it for today.

Who’s a character that annoyed you guys the most in an anime?


Gosh. This one is a tough one… Having to pare down so many epic scenes down to one! I think I may just have to go with my most current epic scene – (which is why “ever” is in parentheses). I was going to talk about One Punch Man again, but I should really try not to repeat animes.  I know I’ve done it before especially with Fairy Tail, but I definitely need more variety. So I’m going to go with this scene from Mob Psycho 100 and what d’ya know, it’s from the same creator as One Punch Man.


Mob Psycho 100 is fairly recent, just having completed in summer 2016. Mob Psycho has a very distinct style that I found changed over the course of it’s airing. It’s really crude in episode 1 but to me I thought I saw a subtle change in the linework over time. I thought that was pretty cool in terms of evolution. But anyways, I digress. Mob Psycho is about Kageyama Shigeo aka “Mob” a middle schooler with immense psychic abilities.  He’s incredibly naive as he’s taken advantage by his mentor Reigen Arataka, a phony psychic.  Although he represents the worst; Reigen actually does mentor Kageyama quite a lot in terms of life and how to become a responsible adult. Reigen actually has some pretty poigniant pieces of advice for Mob throughout the series; and the following scene is a prime example of that.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it. Read more after the break! Continue reading “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 19”


This topic was fairly hard; I thought taking a day off to contemplate would make it easier but it did not.  I even perused my “completed list” to find something; but alas I still came up short -seems like a lot of the anime I’ve watched doesn’t really involve a lot of female in the cast; especially if we’re being as percise as saying “supporting”. I was going by how MyAnimeList.net cateogorized them into mains and supports. I wanted to pick another AoT character, but I want to use her for another topic. So I’m reverting back to my staple, Fairy Tail and picking Ultear.


I think Ultear is an underrated character – for a few reasons.  Ultear goes through a lot of character development much like Jellal. Actually she’s the person behind the manipulation of Jellal into a dark wizard from the beginning. She holds a lot of bitterness and resentment towards her mother thinking she was abandoned; especially when she learned that her Mother had raised 2 other children as her disciples. She then grew to dislike those two boys because she thought she was unloved by her mother; until she learns the truth of her past through one of said disciples, Gray. Eventually, Ultear will turn a new leaf and joins Jellal’s group Crime Sorciere to fight dark guilds. And ultimately, in the “Grand Magic Games/Ecplise” Arc, Ultear utlimately decides to make the most self-less sacrifice, I think, on the show.  The only person that notices this sacrifice is Gray.

Well thats all for today. I’m going to have to keep this short and sweet because…reasons. LOL.(FFXV)