Gah this is tough because I don’t think I’ve ever really looked hard or had that “A-ha!” moment where I watched a character that reminded me of myself. I’ve seen bits and pieces of myself in several characters but not in it’s entirety. I’ve never really tried to look for myself in a character – despite how many shows I’ve watched.

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A friend from community college and I actually had a similar conversation as we played Attack On Titan together on our PlayStations. He had asked me which AoT character was most like me and I was dumbfounded. All the characters I liked were my opposites. So he said, “there is someone I think is really like you though”. So I asked him who he thought was most like me. And he said “Armin Arlert.” It took me awhile for that to settle in. After I listened to his reasonings – I decided to re-watch Attack on Titan here and there and paid more attention to Armin. I found that Armin and I are similar on a deeper level and that what my friend saw on was just a scratch on the surface. That was when I acknowledged Armin as my counterpart on my own; though I am by no means a genius tactician as he is.

This friend of mine was one that I had made in some classes we took together in community college and we had formed a little group. He thought of me as Armin because Armin was the smart one, the planner, and knew the best way to approach things and was the problem solver. I was really flattered he actually had thought that way about me.

But that just fed into WHY I also think I believe Armin is the character most like me. That disbelief in something so positive being equated with me.  Like Armin, I’ve battled with low self-esteem. I’ve battled with thinking I’m just a burden to my friends and can’t contribute anything meaninful. I felt this way especially with my group of friends at my Architecture school. Everyone seemed to be much more talented than I could ever be.

Just like that scene where Eren transforms into a Titan against the Garrison to protect Armin and Mikasa. Armin’s bewildered as Mikasa and Eren then recount the ways Armin has saved them. I’ve had several moments of my own like this. One of those was stated earlier; when my friend said I was like Armin because I was smart; I looked back at our group and realized I had always been the level-headed one in the group and was always the thinker. In Architecture school, my close friends also  talked to me the way Eren and Mikasa did – they recounted all the times I’d saved them for being quick on my feet about ideas and other random pieces of information. Those kinds of revelations to have really shook up what I think about myself.


The other things I find about Armin that align with me is that Armin is a dreamer yet analytical. He’s able to stay calm in any situation and is able to think through anything. Like Armin, I handle pressure pretty well.  He’s got a curious mind and his curiousity is what drives him in life. Like Armin I’m incredibly loyal to my friends and selfless when it comes to them. These are Armins’ strengths as well as mine. And for everything I’ve stated above; this is why I think I’m most like Armin in the anime universe.


9 thoughts on “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 13

  1. Nice one! And a very good choice. Armin definitely is a cool and interesting character and for me one of the best ones of Attack on Titan.
    Hmmm…I have to think about which character would be the one that I am most similar too. I guess the closest one would be Kirito, but that is only because he pretty much helps everyone that needs help in any way. And that is what I usually like to do as well. So I guess I am going with Kirito 😀

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    1. Kirito is a good choice – and matches your crush quite well! 😀 Thanks for reading! Armin wasn’t one of my favorites at the beginning – I had brushed him off. But now that I’ve been looking more critically at characters it’s hard to miss him as my anime counterpart.

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  2. Aww, that’s so nice and interesting, specially because Armin hasn’t been as explored as Mikasa and Eren in the first season.
    I feel you on the low self-esteem ;_; /clutches
    I’m like Shinji Ikari tbh, from the depression, self-esteem, doubt’s, insecurity, etc, without the badassery he has /hugs precious baby

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    1. Ooo I’ve been reading the manga and im up to date with it!! Armin was never my favorite …then my friend made the comparison so I paid attention to him. I actually like Armin quite a lot!


      1. Shhhhhhhhhh
        I’m waiting for S2, since ongoing manga really kill me with the waiting 😭
        I feel like Armin…I don’t know, is kinda there just to be, he hasn’t done anything significant for the plot, or at least in S1, so I’m curious if he will in the future or not~
        Gotta love your 2d self! 😛

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        1. Oh really? That’s what I thought about Armin at first – that he was just there. I’m trying to not be spoilery here! But the more I recognized his talent as a tactician; Armin is definitely needed in the world of Attack on Titan; and humanity will benefit with him I think.
          I’m also super stoked for season 2! it just needs to happen! It’s a long time coming – and season 2 is gonna be crazy because of what’s coming next. Levi has always been my absolute favorite in the series. But the more I read the more Eren actually grew on me. There’s a lot of WTF moments coming; I assure you. I have A MILLION theories that I discuss with my friend. LOL – actually playing the Attack on Titan video game gave me a lot to think about in terms of the characters. Everyone in the 104th cadet class has absolutely grown and me and given me a newfound respect for each characters abilities…hmm I should probably write about this in a post…LOL. sorry for rambling on! I love AoT!


          1. I’m looking foreaward to Armin show the benefits of him being there then (^v^)
            I WANT S2 RN, GIMME ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
            OOH, I’m curious about those theories but also myriad in spoilers soo (╯︵╰,)
            I liked almost everyone in S1, aside some scumbags, and I’m curious to see how they grow 👌


  3. I definitely agree with what you said in the beginning, I dunno if I see myself in one anime character… since I don’t fit into one category.

    That being said, Arming is a fantastic choice! He definitely fills in the gaps left by the more aggressive characters in AoT!!

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