I’m alive…? Sort of?

Hey hey hey everyone. My, it’s been about 6 months since I “left”. And it is probably time for me to give some semblance of an update. Things might be changing around the blog as well to reflect this.

To be honest, the hiatus from blogging hadn’t been intentional. I had meant to study for my architectural exams, but its already September, and those plans fell through. So, what has Zel been up to and what has she been doing?


Long story short, I got very invested in my fic writing, and even created an alt-persona/twitter to handle my content. Will I be sharing it here? I have in my previous update in the beginning of the year, but I’m thinking I may keep it separate for the time being; unless I decide to fully adopt the alt-name. Mostly because honestly, I’m not sure how my followers on this blog will be receptive to the content, and I’d rather not deal with the backlash (as some of the fics have turned ‘problematic’). But if you’re that interested, let me know 😀

I got heavily invested in the BnHA fandom, and have met and befriended a lot of fic writers and fanartists along the way. The last time I updated, I wrote that I was focusing on two fics, that has definitely changed. Both of those fics have been sitting on the backburner as other storylines invaded my brain and those feel the need to get out faster than the previous two I had.


I made it 2 months of my new years resolution before life caught up to me and I just didn’t have time to do more BnHA portraits. I’ve had some sketches and other art pieces I’ve done, but again it’s fallen under my alt-name. I’m about to pick it up again.


Yeah, I swear. I’ll get around to these national exams. It’s hard to get motivated to study again when you’ve been out of school for so long. Maybe in 2020 I’ll get better at it. lol. Work has been especially hectic this summer, with two people leaving the firm and having to pick up the slack for lack of manpower. I still love what I do, and am very devoted and loyal to my firm. Hopefully they see my efforts by the time yearly reviews come around

General Housekeeping

I did pick up photography a bit when I went on vacation for Japan (a completely random trip my parents and I planned!) I’ll probably post those photos soon.

Some other wonderful things happened this year! I got to meet my blog bestie finally! MelinAnimeland came out to visit for Fanime 2019! We got to spend a whole weekend together and even got to explore a bit of San Francisco! I had a blast with her and hope to get to see her again soon!

I went to CRX again this year, I’ll try to write another “review” of my experience. I got to meet up with LynLyn for half a day! And that’s always fun!

Overall, I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a limbo; 2019 was suppose to be the year of creation and getting back on track, but a lot of things happened this year, the good and the bad. I’m hoping it turns around by time time 2020 rolls around.

I’ll try to be a bit more active here, and may end up downgrading my site back to wordpress.heyitszel.com. I don’t have the same drive as I used to as my anime intake took a huge nosedive this year compared to previous years. But I’m not abandoning this blog at all. I blame reading and writing wholeheartedly. I do love my blog and I miss interacting with you all!

Till next time!

❤ Zel

18 thoughts on “I’m alive…? Sort of?

    1. Ah it means so much to see you comment on my blog again pete!! Yes, i’m gonna try to be a bit more active. I haven’t abandoned anime/manga whatsoever, so I should technically have things to talk about still! And thank you for your neverending support. it really means a lot!


  1. Nice to meet you , I joined the OWLS this spring.
    I too , wrote a few really short fanfics in the past. Thinking on trying writting on wattpad .
    About your fanfics , what are they about ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to meet you Hikari! And thank you for being my 500th follower on the blog!! ❤ your support means a lot!! Welcome to the OWLS group, I hope you've been having fun participating with us.

      As for fanfics, I write m/m sfw, nsfw and some problematic themes. I write mostly in the hero academia fandom and Kuroko no Basket 🙂

      i hope that answers your question!


  2. I hope everything is okay. As long as you make time for yourself for fun, that’s what matters. Fanfic does help express your passions and inner emotions and thoughts.


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