[Fanfiction]: Enough

[Title]: Enough
[Author]: jfiacrez
[Category]: General, M/M
[Rating]:  General
[Fandom]: Run with the Wind (Anime) | 風が強く吹いている | Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru & Haikyuu
[Characters]: Kurahara Kakeru, Akane “Prince” Kashiwazaki, Kageyama Tobio & Haiji Kiyose
[Status]: Completed 
Part 3 of the “Of Stilted Conversations and RBF’s” series.

Kakeru has an epiphany in Paris with the help of Prince, Kageyama, and the Mona Lisa.

I was curious what I’d find in the Run With the Wind fandom of fanfiction, and it is pretty bare boned. But I had to check out at least one of the ships. To be honest, I haven’t really thought about ‘shipping any of our boys in Run just because this show really screams mentorship and brotherhood to me more than anything. But if I did ‘ship anyone it would be Kakeru and Haiji.

The context appears that this happens way after college a few years after the Hakone Ekiden. In this short one-shot, Kakeru comes to terms (belatedly) that he’s in love with Haiji. Prince has dropped hints on this odd trip of theirs to Paris.

Also an odd addition is Kageyama Tobio from the Haikyuu series as Kurahara’s step-brother. I think it’s funny that the author would have these two be step-siblings because they’re so similar in looks and personality – but who hasn’t made that parallel?

I know my notes above say Part 3 of a series, but I feel like these could be read as standalones.

Without giving away too much, I thought this was a short cute one-shot about Kakeru’s awkwardness and slow realization of having feelings for someone else because he’s always been too focused on running to think about anything else.

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