Take Two! Feb 12 – 18

This week’s recap is a bit sparse due to the small break I had to take for work. The worst of it is over – I believe. So I’m trying to churn out as many scheduled posts as I can!


Yeah, last week was sparse. But I refused to give up on the OP/ED feature and MCM.



  • Favorite Anime Crushes: by avathenerd. Ah, the fairy tail boys. I was happy to see Gray and Jellal! 😀
  • Blog update: Introducing the Monogatari dissection project: As someone that isn’t familiar with this series; and not sure if I’ll ever get around to it – I’m looking forward to seeing their thoughts/dissection of the series!
  • ANI-Tay: One of my favorite anime communities; I haven’t been on it as of late since I became active on wordpress. But its still good to check them out once in awhile!
  • OTABEK ALTIN’S FLIGHT FROM INFERIORITY – OWLS YOI POST: OWLS Februrary Blog Tour is about halfway done, and Venus looks at Otabek’s role! My post on YOI will be coming out at the end of this week as well! 🙂

I am behind on everyone’s blogs so I haven’t really been able to pick out too many; but these are the few that stuck out to me last week!


Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner…

Important Note: This week’s post may be sparse again as my work deadline inches closer and closer (Weds 2/15) then I’m going to try and catch up to my regular blogging schedule. However, aside from my OP/ED I will be posting MCM and Take Two! Tuesdays per usual. I also have a special post planned in the process as well!

Good afternoon fellow (ani)-bloggers! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!! I’m having a semi-productive one so far..well kind of. I decided to take a good chunk of the weekend off and not work from home because I was totally feeling burnt out. So I took Friday afternoon off with a nice nap, and then slept in Saturday, and just lounged around the house.

Since Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner, I wanted to feature one of my favorite OP’s from one of the very few Shoujo’s I’ve watched and really enjoyed. I’ve actually READ this manga all the way till the end and I really wish there had been a second season! It was a cute story about love (obviously) and rebuilding love and trust between the two main characters after the male disappeared from sometime.  The OP is a great song that encapsulates the show rather well. You can find the translated lyrics in the following clickable link HERE.

Title: “Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru″ | Artist: CHiCO with HoneyWorks
Show: Ao Haru Ride

For the past couple of years, I’ve been spearheading a Valentine’s Day Brunch for the family as a token of appreciation to our wonderful parents for all they’ve done over the years. Not to say that we don’t show appreciation outside of this day, since we all show our parents appreciation in different ways. But we choose this day to celebrate our parents’ love for each other because clearly without them none of us would be here. I’ve come up with several family events that the cousins take care of throughout the year to give the adults a break from time to time.  However, this actually started because well all the cousins’ were single, so I proposed a family event. Anyways, brunch was a success today! Hurrah! It wasn’t as elaborate as it has been over the years, but due to work, I just didn’t have enough time to plan and coordinate.

Do you guys have any Valentine’s Day Events planned out for loved ones and siginificant others? How do you guys express your love? I’d love to hear in the comments below!