[Collaboration]: KnB’s Most Decisive Moments

When I started to fully investing a lot of my free time into this blog around this time last year, I came across another blogger that also seemed to be getting started. I started to become a frequent visitor of her blog as she and I had a lot of similar tastes in terms of … Continue reading [Collaboration]: KnB’s Most Decisive Moments

[KnB Challenge] Day 24 | Least Favorite Match

It's the last Friday of November! I can't believe how fast Novemeber flew by! D: Today's feature is my Least favorite match. I think this should be fairly simple considering which character I hate the most. Seirin High VS Kirasaki Daichi High Makoto Hanamiya is the main reason for my dislike of this match, but … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 24 | Least Favorite Match

[KnB Challenge] Day 21 | Favorite School

Another day of the [KnB Challenge] is upon us! Today I'm choosing my favorite school. I had a few in mind, but I think this one's going to be a given.... After all, I think my favorite school should be the same one my favorite team hails from. Seirin High This goes without saying, the team that … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 21 | Favorite School