[Zel’s Anime Breakdown] Summer 2018 : Volume 3

This volume of the breakdown is going to be biased because I’ll solely be focused on my favorite episode of BNHA finally being animated.



Dedicated to (my) best boys of the series, how can you NOT be impressed with this particular fight sequence? I’ve screamed to the heaven’s about this (on twitter), but Deku’s fancy footwork had me reeling!


Character Spotlight
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Katsuki Bakugou

Have you read my OWLS piece on Kacchan’s pride? You can find it here. My feelings about this character have changed a ton since the series has started. He started off as my most hated character to being one of my favorites. This particular fight was pivotal for me in understanding Katsuki and his particular issues. Not only has he finally opened up about his issues, he’s finally reached out to the one person who he can openly admit these to, and can also be the root of those issues: Izuku.

He’s finally expressing the emotions he’d kept locked up for so long. The metaphorical cap of his insecurities has finally blown exposing a very hurt Katsuki filled with crushing guilt and fear.

He confronts Izuku about how he’s felt that the latter was looking down on him – the biggest miscommunication and misunderstanding of them all. Would their relationship had been different if Katsuki hadn’t seen Izuku’s helping hand as offensive? Yes, probably. His ego and his pride hadn’t been checked by anybody, so why would someone less amazing than him even think about helping him unless they themselves thought Katsuki was weak.

He expresses the guilt he carries for believing he’s the cause for All Might’s retirement; something that also plagues Izuku. But Izuku had no clue that Katsuki would feel this way. After all Katsuki is Izuku’s symbol of Victory; he envies his childhood friend for his tenacity and strength and has modeled himself after the blonde. Once Izuku expresses his adoration much more clearly, Katsuki finally understands Izuku (and their interactions in the manga since this event have been relatively cute).

He also starts to question his own motivations to be a hero. Both he and Izuku idolized the same person, and while he sees Izuku as weak and powerless; All Might looked at Izuku and saw something more. Was Katsuki’s ideals of Victory and being the indisputable number 1 wrong? Why did All Might acknowledge Izuku out of all the people in the world? As All Might later explains, Katsuki is wary and afraid of Izuku’s heroic heart. Izuku’s need to save and rescue is the opposite of Katsuki’s need to win and be victorious. They’re two sides of the same coin, and if they were able to work together, they’d be incredible.

Episode Breakdown*
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Kacchan VS. Deku 2, Episode 61, My Hero Academia

A reprise of their first battle from season 1. The duo finally hash out their complicated feelings and misunderstandings the best way Katsuki knows how: battle. This battle doesn’t hold any real meaning other than as a form of catharsis for Katsuki.

The layers of miscommunication between this duo has been festering since they were children. Children. Let that sink in. Katsuki has misinterpreted so much of Izuku’s actions since they were toddler’s!

After the fight, the (wonder) duo’s relationship has taken on a different form, as Katsuki says, “Things will be different from now on”

One thing that I didn’t like about the episode was how they slightly changed the interaction between Izuku and Katsuki while they’re cleaning the dormitory during their house arrest. Though it is such a very subtle change, I feel that it deters from Katsuki’s character growth.

In the manga, Izuku doesn’t ASK Katsuki’s opinion about shoot style. Katsuki offers his opinon on his own accord. It showcases him reaching out to Izuku for once and initiating that change in their rivalry and actually seeing Izuku as an equal. Having Izuku ask for it invalidates that growth, because the context is completely changed in that small gesture.

There has been quite a few instances in which the anime has glossed over Bakugou’s interactions, and honestly they might make an appearance on the blog sometime soon.

General Thoughts

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The series is finally over, and as much as I loved the premise and the animation, the struggle of Hanesaki’s love for badminton was an ultimate killer for me. It wasn’t really resolved by the end of the season, despite the whole let’s do this as a team! Her personal reasons for playing badminton are not apparent. I wasn’t convinced that she really loved the sport apart from the negative affiliation she has to it via her abandonment issues with her mom.

The next two are older series’ and oddly enough they are slice of life’s that I’ve come to really enjoy.

Hanasaku Iroha
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A spunky highschooler’s life is turned upside down and she’s sent to live with her grandmother who runs an onsen.

I’m halfway through the series and really like this one. I haven’t watched much cute girls doing cute things, so this was a change of pace for me and was a very much appreciated change. I like Ohana’s spunky can-do personality, and her supporting cast offer diverse personalities that can be enjoyed in their own right.

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori
image source

Four guys running a traditional Japanese restaurant. It’s a good slice of life, but nowhere near as cute and endearing as Hanasaku. If anything Rokuhoudou had me craving to find a japanese cafe much like this here in the bay area. Not sure if I’ll eve be successful, but if any one of my readers are an SF Bay Area resident, please let me know if you’ve found a place!

That’s all I have to wrap up my summer series breakdown. I’m gonna attempt my Fall Breakdown soon! Thanks for reading!

What did you guys think of Hero Academia’s season? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, just as an FYI – BNHA will most likely be a huge topic around Archi-Anime, and may or may not get annoying. I’ll try to vary the content, but no promises because I’ll write what I want to write. 🙂

[Zel’s Anime Breakdown] Summer 2018: Volume 1

Hi guys! Welcome to the re-vamped [This Week in Anime] series. I felt that my original title was too rigid, too newslike of a title for my intent for this series. I’ve become more casual in my anime viewing, since I’ve come to realize and accept that I sometimes fall off the wagon of watching shows consistently, I wanted a more fitting title, hence Zel’s Anime Breakdown, ‘cuz I at least watch a few things a week.

I tend to pick-up on certain things in scenes and that also varies in how invested I am in the series. So…yeah…, that being said this will definitely won’t be your typical “weekly” anime review.

image via crunchyroll

Platelets! HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THESE MUNCHKINS. This entire scene was just pure cuteness, little platelets doing construction work. HAHA.

*something different that I want to do is highlight a scene that stood out to me each week. 

Character Spotlight**:
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Okay, this segment might not be the best idea for a “weekly” re-cap. I mean, I’m completely obsessed with this precious little hero so it might be a bit hard to be unbiased.

Deku’s constantly evolving his quirk with All Might trying to teach him without giving him direct answers. Deku finally reaches his answer and my gosh, I felt so much pride for Deku, a moment for him to stun Aizawa & Bakugou with his new style. The fond knowing smile that shows up on All Might’s face just shows how much he has believed in Deku finding his answer with the right push. He knows Deku goes above and beyond All Might’s expectations every single time. It’s a knowing smile of how far Deku has come.

**on top of scene, I want to pick a character that stood out to me that week. Both are a way to break out of the whole “review” thing and look at things on another level. And this will probably help me in the long run for my end of year Anime Awards!

Episode Breakdown***

Boku no Hero Academia

Season 3, Episode 52

The gang is back in school, and they’re gearing up for their provisional license exams. Can I tell you, how PSYCHED I am for this arc. Some major character development is on the horizon; feelings are exposed, and self-doubt and self-reflection occur for a few of our favorite hero’s.

Now, I’m up to date with the manga for BnHA, and I may point out some of the slight differences in this section in the future. I’m doing it because I’m starting to feel that the anime is glossing over some of the more important interactions in the manga that are specifically THERE for development albeit it’s really subtle.

***Episode breakdown will pretty much be analyzing or pointing out some nuances I picked up on while watching said episode. But next week will be more in-depth.

General Thoughts

Banana Fish

Episode 1 & 2

What a great kick-off to the series!  I went into this series completely blind. Well, that’s not entirely true, since I’ve read Naja’s OWLS post on this awhile ago. I knew it had dark themes, but I was pleasantly surprised to see just how dark we were going, the depths of gangs and drugs.

The animation and it’s content is a breath of fresh air, especially since I’ve been bogged down in shounen shows like BNHA and Attack on Titan.

Ash, is likely to be another blonde to add to my ever-growing list of favorites. He’s smart, spunky and overall an intriguing main character. When I told Naja this, she figuratively and literally rolled her eyes for all the ladies jumping on the Ash bandwagon.  Apparently that sparked a special project for Naja, I’m patiently awaiting said project and am going to definitely link it when it comes out!

Also, for the record, as I have been properly educated by Naja, that it would be a disservice to this manga adaptation to label this as a BL/Yaoi, because it’s definitely much more than that. Granted, it’s easy to be quick to assume and label this as something akin to Yuri!! on Ice but we really shouldn’t be so quick to assume things because of this story. I was definitely in that group, but I’m going to keep an open mind and not just mindlessly group it into something it’s not.

Cell’s at Work (Hataraka Saibo)

Episode 1

I think this is the cute comedy of the summer. The anthropomorphism of cells working inside the human body like everyday professionals is kind of weird in concept, but it works so well! The characterization of each of the cells and their job types just fit them so perfectly. It’s such a creative twist for a series. But how much can you do without appearing to be gimmicky?

It kind of reminds me of The Magic School Bus, but instead of shrinking people and going in to explore the body, we’re literally seeing how the cells move and work inside the body. It’s actually pretty educational, but I’m curious as to just how accurate it is.


Episode 1 & 2

I’m a self-proclaimed sports anime fanatic. Granted, I haven’t ventured to watch many of the more classical sports ones. I’ll get there eventually.

I’ve realized I haven’t watched a lot of female-centric shows, as I feel there’s been a lot of “cute girls doing cute things”and that’s not really my jam, and there’s nothing wrong with those that do! Once in awhile I venture into the genre though. However, getting back to the topic. Hanebado, is wonderfully animated, very sharp and precise and it’s really one of the biggest draw-in’s for me. The melodrama is as expected, but the vague history of Hanesaki is rather intriguing.

Also, I know you guys are probably like, wait a second, she’s missing her most important review! I’m doing a Free! collab with my dear friend Lita over a Lita Kino’s Anime Corner, and we’ll be alternating the posts between her blog and mine so be on the look out for those!

[Watch List] Summer 2018

Hey guys! I’ll try to make this short and sweet.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything about seasonal anime. I haven’t done a [Watch List] post or a [This Week in Anime] (name pending) post since Summer 2017.

Since I’ve also temporarily been away trying to get myself motivated again, I figured it might be a good opportunity to jump back into the seasonal writing bit. Why? Because…I miss writing. Period. And also, this summer, there’s just a handful of favorites I’ve been waiting on, anticipating and have been following.

So I’ll try to keep this list relatively short. Last year I really tried to follow as many interesting shows as I could, but a lot of those fell by the wayside because I didn’t keep up with them weekly, and have since have fallen in the “on-hold” realm. So I’ve narrowed it down into two subcategories: my “MUST Watch” and the “Attempting to Watch”.

Must Watch:

There are three “Must Watch” shows for me this summer.

image via MAL & Comicbook.com

Boku no Hero Academia, Season 3 (continuing)
I’ve been completely obsessed with the series as a whole. Deku is becoming one of my all-time favorite characters both on-screen and in manga form. So naturally, I’ll be continuing this series from Spring. This upcoming arc is something to look forward to in terms of character development and setting up for an even larger arc – one that I’m dying to see animated.

Attack on Titan, Season 3
AoT is another series that I was following in manga form. This is also one of my favorite arcs from the series, and honestly, I stopped reading the manga shortly after this arc ended, which reminds me I need to get back on that sooner than later.

Based on the trailer we’ve seen, I’m looking forward to seeing Levi in action again and also one of my all time favorite scenes of Eren. If you thought Eren despaired at the end season 2, by laughing manically at how powerless you felt. Boy, are you in for a real treat.

Free! Dive to the Future, Season 3
Are you surprised? You really shouldn’t be. Everyone should know by now that I associate myself with Makoto a heck of a lot, and I have an incredible love for this series. I’ve read some of the light novel, I’ve read the newest novelization, I’ve watched and own season 1 & 2. I’ve watched, High Speed, Free! Timeless Medley: Kizuna, Free! Timeless Medley: Yakusou, and Free! Take Your Marks.

I’ve immersed myself in the world of Free! which brings me to a special announcement of sorts..kind of but not really? I’m putting a lot of thought into it, but I’ll be coming out with a series of Free! posts this month on top of my weekly watch because there’s more to this show than meets the eye, and I want to talk about those things that I love so much. I want to show those that have easily labeled this show as “fanservice” to at least understand my point of view in why this show is so damn enjoyable. On top of that, I also have a very special post in mind!


Attempting to Watch:

images via MAL

Banana Fish
This one has caught my eye because the eversodearest Naja, has spoken volumes about this series. It is one of her ultimate favorites and she is excited to say the least. So yes I’ll be checking this out since it was so highly recommended.

You should check out Naja’s weekly reviews on the series here.

Sports anime’s are my thing, so…yes I’ll be watching this series. Also, it’s about Badminton! Of all sports to have a series around, Badminton! It’s not one of the major sports people follow generally out here in the West, so yes, color me curious on this one.

Hataraku Saibo (Cells at Work)
I’m checking this one out of curiosity as many of my ani-blogger friends (Mel and Scott) have really enjoyed the first episode. It’s worth checking out if it’s caught the attention of those two!

I think 6 shows might be doable. I’ll do my best to keep up with this! I’m already a bit behind on some of the beginning’s but I’ll do my best to catch up! 🙂

What shows is everyone else looking forward to? What shows would you recommend I check out?