Unbreakable: Mikasa Ackerman

Hello ani-bloggers and friends! Today is an exciting day as we're embarking on a new year with of one of my more popular segments' Women Crush Wednesday. If you're new around here, WCW focuses on more than a celebration of these ladies in comparison to the eyecandy of MCM. I highlight female leads that stand … Continue reading Unbreakable: Mikasa Ackerman

Annnd, I’m back. Hiatus done! Adulting Success!

Hello ani-blogging community! My two week hiatus is just about done. I've adulted quite successfully. *steeped fingers* *sinister voice* “The plan went according to plan.” (does that suffice shoujothoughts?!) I was starting to have blog withdrawals to be honest, but I did try to keep up with everyone's posts! It was a much needed break; but I … Continue reading Annnd, I’m back. Hiatus done! Adulting Success!