[Collaboration]: KnB’s Most Decisive Moments

When I started to fully investing a lot of my free time into this blog around this time last year, I came across another blogger that also seemed to be getting started. I started to become a frequent visitor of her blog as she and I had a lot of similar tastes in terms of … Continue reading [Collaboration]: KnB’s Most Decisive Moments

[KnB Challenge] Day 24 | Least Favorite Match

It's the last Friday of November! I can't believe how fast Novemeber flew by! D: Today's feature is my Least favorite match. I think this should be fairly simple considering which character I hate the most. Seirin High VS Kirasaki Daichi High Makoto Hanamiya is the main reason for my dislike of this match, but … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 24 | Least Favorite Match

[KnB Challenge] Day 21 | Favorite School

Another day of the [KnB Challenge] is upon us! Today I'm choosing my favorite school. I had a few in mind, but I think this one's going to be a given.... After all, I think my favorite school should be the same one my favorite team hails from. Seirin High This goes without saying, the team that … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 21 | Favorite School

[KnB Challenge] Day 12 | Fave Coach

Welcome to Day 12 of the [KnB Challenge] A coach is there to support individuals by providing them with training and guidance in order to help them reach their goals. There is no shortage of coaches in KnB, but who could be my favorite? We don't really know much about the coaches overall, and I'd hate to repeat … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 12 | Fave Coach