[Zel’s Anime Breakdown] Summer 2018 : Volume 3

This volume of the breakdown is going to be biased because I’ll solely be focused on my favorite episode of BNHA finally being animated.



Dedicated to (my) best boys of the series, how can you NOT be impressed with this particular fight sequence? I’ve screamed to the heaven’s about this (on twitter), but Deku’s fancy footwork had me reeling!


Character Spotlight
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Katsuki Bakugou

Have you read my OWLS piece on Kacchan’s pride? You can find it here. My feelings about this character have changed a ton since the series has started. He started off as my most hated character to being one of my favorites. This particular fight was pivotal for me in understanding Katsuki and his particular issues. Not only has he finally opened up about his issues, he’s finally reached out to the one person who he can openly admit these to, and can also be the root of those issues: Izuku.

He’s finally expressing the emotions he’d kept locked up for so long. The metaphorical cap of his insecurities has finally blown exposing a very hurt Katsuki filled with crushing guilt and fear.

He confronts Izuku about how he’s felt that the latter was looking down on him – the biggest miscommunication and misunderstanding of them all. Would their relationship had been different if Katsuki hadn’t seen Izuku’s helping hand as offensive? Yes, probably. His ego and his pride hadn’t been checked by anybody, so why would someone less amazing than him even think about helping him unless they themselves thought Katsuki was weak.

He expresses the guilt he carries for believing he’s the cause for All Might’s retirement; something that also plagues Izuku. But Izuku had no clue that Katsuki would feel this way. After all Katsuki is Izuku’s symbol of Victory; he envies his childhood friend for his tenacity and strength and has modeled himself after the blonde. Once Izuku expresses his adoration much more clearly, Katsuki finally understands Izuku (and their interactions in the manga since this event have been relatively cute).

He also starts to question his own motivations to be a hero. Both he and Izuku idolized the same person, and while he sees Izuku as weak and powerless; All Might looked at Izuku and saw something more. Was Katsuki’s ideals of Victory and being the indisputable number 1 wrong? Why did All Might acknowledge Izuku out of all the people in the world? As All Might later explains, Katsuki is wary and afraid of Izuku’s heroic heart. Izuku’s need to save and rescue is the opposite of Katsuki’s need to win and be victorious. They’re two sides of the same coin, and if they were able to work together, they’d be incredible.

Episode Breakdown*
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Kacchan VS. Deku 2, Episode 61, My Hero Academia

A reprise of their first battle from season 1. The duo finally hash out their complicated feelings and misunderstandings the best way Katsuki knows how: battle. This battle doesn’t hold any real meaning other than as a form of catharsis for Katsuki.

The layers of miscommunication between this duo has been festering since they were children. Children. Let that sink in. Katsuki has misinterpreted so much of Izuku’s actions since they were toddler’s!

After the fight, the (wonder) duo’s relationship has taken on a different form, as Katsuki says, “Things will be different from now on”

One thing that I didn’t like about the episode was how they slightly changed the interaction between Izuku and Katsuki while they’re cleaning the dormitory during their house arrest. Though it is such a very subtle change, I feel that it deters from Katsuki’s character growth.

In the manga, Izuku doesn’t ASK Katsuki’s opinion about shoot style. Katsuki offers his opinon on his own accord. It showcases him reaching out to Izuku for once and initiating that change in their rivalry and actually seeing Izuku as an equal. Having Izuku ask for it invalidates that growth, because the context is completely changed in that small gesture.

There has been quite a few instances in which the anime has glossed over Bakugou’s interactions, and honestly they might make an appearance on the blog sometime soon.

General Thoughts

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The series is finally over, and as much as I loved the premise and the animation, the struggle of Hanesaki’s love for badminton was an ultimate killer for me. It wasn’t really resolved by the end of the season, despite the whole let’s do this as a team! Her personal reasons for playing badminton are not apparent. I wasn’t convinced that she really loved the sport apart from the negative affiliation she has to it via her abandonment issues with her mom.

The next two are older series’ and oddly enough they are slice of life’s that I’ve come to really enjoy.

Hanasaku Iroha
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A spunky highschooler’s life is turned upside down and she’s sent to live with her grandmother who runs an onsen.

I’m halfway through the series and really like this one. I haven’t watched much cute girls doing cute things, so this was a change of pace for me and was a very much appreciated change. I like Ohana’s spunky can-do personality, and her supporting cast offer diverse personalities that can be enjoyed in their own right.

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori
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Four guys running a traditional Japanese restaurant. It’s a good slice of life, but nowhere near as cute and endearing as Hanasaku. If anything Rokuhoudou had me craving to find a japanese cafe much like this here in the bay area. Not sure if I’ll eve be successful, but if any one of my readers are an SF Bay Area resident, please let me know if you’ve found a place!

That’s all I have to wrap up my summer series breakdown. I’m gonna attempt my Fall Breakdown soon! Thanks for reading!

What did you guys think of Hero Academia’s season? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, just as an FYI – BNHA will most likely be a huge topic around Archi-Anime, and may or may not get annoying. I’ll try to vary the content, but no promises because I’ll write what I want to write. 🙂

[PODCAST] Episode 3 | Winter 2018 Impressions

Hey everyone! Our long-awaited third episode is up. Sorry for the delay, I was assigned with editing episode three, and yes, it’s late because I got really busy, and THEN I became a real perfectionist about it. *sigh*

This episode features Scott, Remy and myself talking about or impressions of Winter 2018. We talk about our favorites so far as a group, then we talk about our individual favorites and then our least favorites for the season.

Also, this was recorded 3 weeks into the season. However, I realize we’re more than  halfway through winter..better late than never..?

Please still listen to us, I have candy!*laughs nervously*

What are your favorite animes this winter season? Any of the one’s we talked about align with any of your favorites? Let me know know in the comments below, or better yet leave some comments on our youtube channel.

Thanks for listening 🙂

[ED] Dirty Bullet| Sunday Salutations

Good afternoon! Another week is about to end, and I have to say time is flying! How are we already in February!

This week was a bit crazy at work. Was stressed most of the time because of a big presentation one of my Project manager’s was having. I had to create several 3D views of interior spaces so the client could get an idea of what kind of space they’d have and actually the type of furniture we planned on using for their comfort. Sometimes, I think management doesn’t really have an idea how time consuming 3D visuals are and how much time modeling takes. But, thankfully I work fairly well under pressure and delivered the visuals on time. Basic, but clean and simple. Best I could do in that time crunch!

I also had to work Saturday, same project manager just wanted to get some solid footing and progress ahead before any hiccups could arise. Then wrote my OWLS post that was due that day, so please check that out when you get a chance!

Today’s OP comes from one of my seasonal favorites, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. I find it to run along the lines of Durarara! in the sense that everyone’s paths seem to cross one another while there’s something happening in the city they all reside it to tie it all together.

Title: Dirty Bullet| Artist: TRI4TH | Anime: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

I felt it appropriate considering last week’s OP from Cowboy Bebop was also alongside the jazz genre. I was watching part of the latest episode during my dinner and had to stop abruptly to continue my OWLS post and because NBA Basketball. Speaking of basketball.

I can be a bit of a sneakerhead and well, the NBA player Paul George, had recently announced that he was releasing his latest shoe aptly named the PG2. When I saw the announcement, I got the feeling that I just HAD to have these. As a gamer, and a playstation girl at heart it was a NEED.

Paul George paired up with Nike and PS4 for a collaborative effort for this shoe, because apparently Paul George is a gamer (had no idea). The pricepoint of these shoes were fairly affordable (a low $110 for a signature basketball shoe – it still sounds like a lot, but there are more expensive ones, trust me). Unfortunately though, they were only giving these away via a raffle. I enlisted a few friends to wake up at 7AM to enter the raffle for my sake, and alas I still came up empty handed. I just happened to see it trending on twitter so I decided to check it out, some people posted that they won the raffle and were getting their sneakers, while somehow some users beat the system and were able to score over 10 pairs of the limited edition set (only 2,000 were made in production). People also started posting their winning bids on e-bay, an obvious decision since they will be rare due to the lighting elements and the barcode at the back of the shoe which gets a user a specialized PS4 theme. You wouldn’t believe the mark-up. The last time I looked it up on e-bay the shoes were going for $950.00. Can you believe it!? From $110 top $950 in a span of an hour. Insane.

PG2 ‘Playstation’ via Nike

I’m just going to hope and pray that they release a shoe to the general public that doesn’t have all the extra’s. I’d still want that colorway though.

Other than that, my weekend is not over, as this post goes live I will probably be visiting my Uncle who just got out of the hospital a few days ago (mild heart attack that required surgery). He’s my Dad’s bro, we’re going to visit to see if he’s recuperating well.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great start to your week! Do you have any exciting news you’d like to share or celebrate? I’d love to hear from everyone in the comments! Whether bit or small, the little victories count! 🙂 Have a great week everyone!