I thought sitting on this one would help me figure out what I thought was my favorite attack. But I don’t think I was able to narrow it down to one. I was going to use another Fairy Tail reference, but have decided against it – and re-visit another anime that I’ve spoken about already, One Punch Man.


Saitama’s attack “Consecutive Normal Punches” is so normal that you can’t help but laugh. But in action it’s actually quite incredible; especially in his fight against Boros. I’m going to post a link but FAIR WARNING, if you haven’t seen One Punch Man this is probably a huge spoiler considering its the LAST FIGHT of the season. You have been warned! The second link is from one of the earlier episodes but, the disclaimer still stands.

What I really love about One Punch’s Satire is the fact that these battles poke fun at most of the shonen genre. There’s always the long drawn out monologues of characters as they face their opponent; and then sometimes there comes a time for character’s to power up – which can take forever sometimes THEN they leave you hanging till the next episode for the actual fight to occur. Saitama actually get’s bored with said monologues and just wants to get the fight over with – and he ends them much more quickly than they even began.

That’s all I could come up with for this post. What are your thoughts on favorite attacks? I feel like I’m forgetting some other major attacks out of the series’ I’ve seen but this is the one that sprang to mind.

I can’t believe this is the last week of the challenge! Till next time! 😀