[KnB Challenge] Day 29 | Favorite Quote


Today’s prompt for the [KnB Challenge] is my favorite quote from the series. Now, if you were following me around this time last year when I did the 30 Day Anime Challenge then this quote will probably look familiar. Yes, I’m bringing it back (so I can use the same image I created. ROFL, I’m kinda lazy)


Kagami says it best, There is no such thing as useless effort. This is the mantra I’m using to get me through my exams. I just got to keep putting in the work and the effort, and I’ll reach my goals in no time. Making an effort is better than no effort, so yeah, it’s not useless to better yourself no matter how hopeless things might appear to be!

What was your guys’ favorite quote from a character? Let me know your thoughts! 😀

ahh!! Tomorrow’s the final day! D:


I used to be a quote monster, writing down whatever I found important/profound in a show or movie. This prompt makes me think I should go back and start this habit again – but do I really have time for that?

Picking a quote for today’s prompt (like all the other challenges) has been kinda difficult as I’ve found a few that I like. I like Vash the Stampede’s soliloquies at the end of most of his episodes, and Levi has said a few things that resonated with me as well. However, I think it’s time to acknowledge this particular anime. I’m sure MelinAnimeLand will appreciate this because she’s a huge fan of this show just as I am if not more. Yep, that’s right Kuroko No Basket (The Basketball which Kuroko Plays) is finally making its a appearance on the challenge! I’m going to sure two quotes from two characters because as any sport, their quotes are pretty motivating as they are relateable on an every day basis.


I personally have used this one with my best friend a lot because as we’re both studying for our architectural exams she feels sometimes even though she only gets to spend maybe 30 minutes daily reviewing it’s completely useless. So, I like to quote Kagami Taiga, and remind her “There is no such thing as useless effort”. Without any context she got really motivated upon hearing me say that. Then I told her if it sounded cheesy I’m sorry because I grabbed it from an anime and she said it was actually a good quote regardless.


Midorima’s quote is really great advice especially after experiencing a failure. It’s a good reminder that  no matter what shortcomings you experience, you get up and try again. I like this kind of outlook especially coming from Midorima who is absolutely confident that his shots will go in (which is true – the guy never misses).

Are there any character’s that have said something that stood out to you in any anime?

Two more days left of the challenge! Till next time.