[KnB Challenge] Day 8 | Favorite ED

We’re back for Day 8 of the [KnB Challenge]!!

Yesterday I featured my favorite OP of the series, today’s post follows that theme as I feature my favorite ED of the series.

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Starting Days! | Weekend in LA 

OMG where did the weekend go?! I’m currently blogging here in LA. I’m supposed to be leaving for home already, but! We’re stuck for a little bit longer!

Some great news I found out to get me excited is: I found out Free! is coming out with 3 movies this year! And I’m super excited! So this week’s OP/ED is going to be from High Speed: Free! Starting Days. 

Title: Aching Horns | Artist: OLDCODEX | Movie: High Speed: Free! Starting Days 

ahhh and I just found out the lead singer of OLDCODEX is the voice actor of my favorite Makoto Tachibana!!

How was everyone’s weekends? I hope you guys had a good one! It’s nice and sunny here in LA!