[Collaboration] Will This ‘Ship Sink or Sail?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you’re having a great day whether you’re a single pringle (lol, what LitaKino from KinoReviews would say) or in a loving relationship. I hope you are celebrating today with lots of love. And as Kageyama in the header says, “…what does this mean?” Well, keep on reading!

Today’s special post started off as a passing thought brought up by blogging bestie Mel. We decided to bring aboard Irina, our newest recruit due to our shared love of KnB and other bishies and ikemen.

The rules of the post were that each of us picked an anime in which we would choose ‘ships for someone else to write about. Obviously we picked ones that we were either partial to, or wanted to hear what they thought about. Honestly, for me, I chose really rare pairs from my anime of choice (Free! of course) to give to Mel and Irina. I wanted to know what they think, because in my head (and in the fanfic’s I’ve read) they work and are actually quite cute.

Mel chose the sport anime Haikyuu!! while Irina went with the more mature adult route in choosing Bungou Stray Dogs. When Mel told me her pick for me, I couldn’t help but laugh because I KNOW we both like this rare pair, so it’s a bit of a freebie for me to write about them. However, Irina’s choice from Bungou really has me thinking about it and having to re-visit these particular characters.

So, will these ship’s weather my storm of judgement or will they sail through calm waters? Continue reading “[Collaboration] Will This ‘Ship Sink or Sail?”

[KnB Challenge] Day 14 | Favorite Kaijo Member

Annd we’re back with Day 14 of the [KnB Challenge]

As I mentioned before, we’re getting more into the team focused characters. As a friendly reminder, I’m choosing another character from each team that is NOT a Generation of Miracle, they’ll be an added bonus at the end of the post.

We don’t know much about the other supporting characters on each team, but each GoM is paired up with a senpai of some sort (unless you’re Akashi anyways). Sometimes they stood out, and sometimes there were other players that stood out more than others.

In the case of Kaijo, there’s only one other we’re really introduced to and could I say he’s my favorite? Of all the Kaijo members, excluding Kise, I guess there are a few standouts, but I would have to say, I have to go with…… Continue reading “[KnB Challenge] Day 14 | Favorite Kaijo Member”

Top 10 Chocolate Haired Men 

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all trying to combat your Monday Blues! I’m back with another list for MCM! Today I’ll be counting down my top 10 chocolate brown haired men. Hopefully some of these will bring a smile to your face 🙂

Oh, and it’s pretty clear this list is definitely filled with sports bias. Sorry, not sorry.


Kicking off the list we have Heath from Prince of Stride. He’s the third year captain and a runner in Honan’s stride club. Heath is dependable kinda guy who’s got a bit of a manly spirit. He’s half British and half Japanese. One of his sister’s owns an international fashion company and has modeled a few times against his will, and modeled as a requirement for the company only to gain sponsorship for his stride team. Another dependable big brother type!

Continue reading “Top 10 Chocolate Haired Men “


DECEMBER 22 marks a special day! For all you Haikyuu!! Lovers and fans; today is Kageyama Tobio’s Birthday!

So for his birthday and as my first official post of what could be a series; I’ve decided to share with you my growing hobby of collecting and photographing nendoroids. I’ve always been into photography but have fallen off the wagon due to life happening. I’m slowly getting back into it; so for starters I’ve really loved the idea of doing toy photography. I’m not very good with live subjects – considering my career choice it makes sense that I like to take photos of objects, landscapes, and of course architecture. In the future I may be posting more nendoroid photots/stories of Kageyama and the rest of the Karasuno gang and maybe some other photography- we’ll see how it goes since I already have an IG set up for him. And as most of you know, Kageyama is one of my absolute favorite characters! I’d love to hear what you guys think in the comments below! But, without futher ado:



Please bear with me as I’m re-learning lighting and posing nendo’s I promise these will get better as time goes on!


(same photo as above, just different lighting effects- blowing out the candles maybe?)

Hinata’s overly excited as usual and so is Noya. Oikawa is hiding behind the tree because obviously he doesn’t really want to show that he’s celebrating with his kouhai. Tsukki is doing what Tsukki does best, make fun of Kageyama in the backround with snarky comments. Kenma is texting Sugawara, Kuro, Bokuto and Akashi to hurry up and join the party (because those nendoroids are coming out fairly soon!!)

I mentioned on twitter that I was a bit stressed out putting out this post on time.  It’s surprising how painstakingly time consuming to set these guys up was. Not just to pose them but to really plan out the props being used (clearly my table is out of scale but I needed one to put his birthday cake on). From decorating the background to making little hats for them to wear, posing them, setting up ideal lighting conditions, taking multiple shots, sifting through these shots, and then photoshopping the photos took a lot of patience and effort and got to be really frustrating at times. But, I’m sure this process will get easier and faster as I continue to plan and do these photoshoots. I absolutely do NOT regret staying up late doing this because I loved every single second it took to get these shots. I had so much fun creating this scene that I can’t wait to continue on with more! I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it.