Red Haired Men That Get You Fired Up!

Hey guys! I'm back with a list of my favorite fiery red haired men to kick off the work week!   10.¬†SHIROU EMIYA (FATE/STAY NIGHT: UNLIMITED BLADEWORKS) This is probably no surprise since I've written a bunch about UBW. Shirou barely made top 10! If it weren't his relationship with Rin, he probably wouldn't have … Continue reading Red Haired Men That Get You Fired Up!


I'm a day behind on this challenge, BUT! with good reason!! ¬†HAPPY (belated) THANKSGIVING. I decided to stay off the computer and off anime to spend some time with family yesterday. I could've posted since day 11's prompt...well...I'll get to that. ERROR 707* (*an homage to Agent 707 - my favorite MysticMessenger character) Unfortunately, I … Continue reading 30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 11