I usually post this around noon on Monday’s; but I’m breaking that today because aside from this being my song of the week; but I have a few quick thoughts on Ore Monogatari that I wanted to get down – so count this as a mini-review as well. Over Thanksigiving weekend, I decided it was time to FINALLY finish this show, which had been on my “on-hold” list for a few months.

Ore Monogatari is a romantic comedy follows the protagonist Takeo Gouda and his blossoming relationship with Yamato Rinko and their permanent third wheel Sunakawa Makoto. Lots of laughter and silly situations ensue.

Title: Shiawase no Arika| Artist: LOCAL CONNECT. | Show: Ore Monogatari

Overall I thought the series was pretty cute. It had plenty of humorous moments; some side-splitting laughter and sometimes just a snicker here and there. But what I really liked about this show was that it wasn’t like your typical shojo manga; with a pretty boy that the MC falls for. Rather our focus is on a big lug of a guy who isn’t your average first year high schooler. His BFF just happens to be the popular pretty boy. Takeo really doesn’t believe himself to be popular among girls and actually misreads Yamatos interest as a way to get to Suna and not himself. It’s actually cute how he comes to the realization. But the series does drag a little bit with very little development between the couple. I get it, it’s supposed to be a sweet and innocent anime; but the storyline does get to be repetitive. A misunderstanding here and there only to be resolved with some help of Suna or other people.

However, I’m partial to Suna. I really wish he had found someone that caught his eye at the end of the anime. I really liked his respect and admiration for his best friend. Despite his popularity and all these girls wanting to date him, if he ever heard them make fun of Takeo, he’d politely decline.  He even tells Takeo there’s no way he could take interest in people that put down others. He’s only seeen laughing or snickering when Takeo does something silly; or when Suna remembers something hilarious from their childhood. OH! and if you’ve ever heard Suna laugh – I instantly knew who his voice actor was! It’s the same voice actor of Haruka Nanase from Free! Shimazuki Nobunaga! If you haven’t heard Haru laugh – I suggest you youtube it if you’re a Free! fan!

Anyways, I’d probably give Ore Monogatari  a 6/10. It’s got a good premise – but I would’ve enjoyed to see more character developmet and more emotions exhibited by our couple. The gags get a little old but if you’re looking for a light hearted rom-com then this might be for you.