ANI-Reality: Sword Art Online S2

Yet another Sword Art Online blog post for the week! This comes from episode 25 of Season 2 of titled "Mother's Rosario". Asuna is on a tour in Kyoto, there were a few places I've actually been to that Asuna went, but I just want to focus on this particular place. Asuna and the gang … Continue reading ANI-Reality: Sword Art Online S2

Final Day of the Kyoto Trip

Our final day in Kyoto starte with Rain.  The entire time we've been here it's been humid and hot with the temperature being 80-88F.  A classmate and I had planned to go to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.  It's a pretty famous forest for the region, and boy was it worth it, even if it was … Continue reading Final Day of the Kyoto Trip