Megane Monday!

This week’s MCM is a bit special; some of the following weeks may end up being a Top 5 list; because well it’s hard to choose one favorite. I may end up featuring each of these guys more in-depth but for now I shall list my top Megane’s! This also coincides with Naja‘s March Megane Madness theme. Ah, you gotta love alliteration. Be sure to check it out when you can: her first post is here.

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This will be a huge spoiler to those that haven’t seen it, so I’ll put a break after this brief intro. So read at your own risk. But for me the saddest anime scene comes from Your Lie in April.shigatsu

As someone that’s grown up to love classical music, played the piano, and been in band for majority of my younger years; I’ve always felt that music had the ability to evoke our emotions and stir up a part of our souls. Musically, the pieces in Your Lie in April and the interpretive stances these musicians took to express these pieces were done incredibly well.┬áSpecifically with my saddest anime scene in Your Lie in April which is found in the first half of the final episode. They stretched out Kousei’s final performance in this half; and the song that he’s chosen to play was Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 in G Minor op. 23.

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