[KnB Challenge] Day 12 | Fave Coach

Welcome to Day 12 of the [KnB Challenge] A coach is there to support individuals by providing them with training and guidance in order to help them reach their goals. There is no shortage of coaches in KnB, but who could be my favorite? We don't really know much about the coaches overall, and I'd hate to repeat … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 12 | Fave Coach

[KnB Challenge] Day 11 | Favorite Uncrowned King

We're back with Day 11 of the [KnB Challenge] The Uncrowned Kings. The group of basketball players that would've been acknowledged first before falling under the shadow of the Generation of Miracles. Part of me wonders if any of them felt any bitterness towards having the spotlight stolen from them. But, I digress, There are two of … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 11 | Favorite Uncrowned King

[KnB Challenge] Day 10 | Favorite Team

We've made it to Day 10 for the [KnB Challenge] Author's note: Still combating a cold or something so I won't be going into much detail again on this topic. I really would though, but honestly I don't have the mental capacity. Teams, we all root for one when it comes to our favorite sport, and KnB … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 10 | Favorite Team

[KnB Challenge] Day 9 | Favorite Generation of Miracle

It's Day 9 of the [KnB Challenge]! Author's Note: You'll have to forgive me guys, but even though we're talking about my favorite GoM today, I'll have to keep it short. I've been feeling rather ill today, and I was actually excused by one of my bosses because I didn't look well enough to be there.  I'll have … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 9 | Favorite Generation of Miracle

[KnB Challenge] Day 8 | Favorite ED

We're back for Day 8 of the [KnB Challenge]!! Yesterday I featured my favorite OP of the series, today's post follows that theme as I feature my favorite ED of the series.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRh1ZeOTxzM Title: Catal Rhythm | Artist: OLDCODEX Of all the Ending's, this and Lantana, also by OLDCODEX have always been my favorites. But Catal Rhythm has been my … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 8 | Favorite ED

[KnB Challenge] Day 7 | Favorite OP

Welcome Back to Day 7  of the KnB Challenge! Opening songs to an anime series are meant to pump you up and get you in the mood for what's to come. A lot of Openings are catchier than most. Kuroko no Basket had a plethora to choose from, but there's one OP that stood out … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 7 | Favorite OP

[KnB Challenge] Day 6 | Favorite Minor Character

Welcome back to Day 6 of the KnB Challenge! I love a good minor character. They're there to support the story and support the main character's. Whether they're for comic relief, or if they hold a senpai/kouhai relationship with the leads, you're bound to find a great character that you can't help but take notice of.      … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 6 | Favorite Minor Character

[KnB Challenge] Day 5 | My OTP

Welcome to Day 5 of the KnB Challenge! Ah, the topic of the OTP (One True Pairing). It's come up. Granted, I'll admit there was a time where I was never really one to pair characters together in any kind of manner, let alone a romantic one with two boys. Then I watched watched Haikyuu!! and was introduced to the … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 5 | My OTP

[KnB Challenge] Day 4 | Least Favorite Female Character

Welcome to Day 4 of the KnB Challenge! Okay, let's be real here. There's a total of FOUR women that have roles in Kuroko no Basket and honestly none of them have many faults. Surprised? Instead of me tearing down any of these girls, let's talk about them in a positive light! I know, it seems hypocritical considering … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 4 | Least Favorite Female Character

[KnB Challenge] Day 3 | Least Favorite Male Character: Makoto Hanamiya

It's Day 3 of the KnB Challenge! Today we're looking at my least favorite of the men of KnB. There are quite a few to choose from, but when it comes to least favorite, is it safe to say he's probably the number one character I probably hate the most on this series? The title … Continue reading [KnB Challenge] Day 3 | Least Favorite Male Character: Makoto Hanamiya