[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 12 | All Blues

note: WE’VE REACHED THE END!!!  HUGE thank you to weekendotaku has been helping me a great deal by participating and creating these banners, and thank you to everyone that’s been keeping up with the series! LAST REQUEST! I’LL BE DOING AN OVERALL REVIEW/FINAL THOUGHS OF THE SERIES AND WOULD LOVE FOR THOSE THAT PARTICIAPATED TO PLEASE TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE SCENES FROM THE SERIES SO THAT I MAY INCORPORATE IT INTO MY POST! Looking forward to what you guys submit!

Sentaro’s disappearance has taken a toll on Kaoru and Ri-chan. While the two have expressed their reciprocated feelings they’re left at a standstill. Kaoru says some things he hadn’t meant to say and leaves shortly after graduation without fully clearing the air between him and Ri-chan. A time-skip of 8 years brings us to Kaoru as a doctor in Tokyo where he runs into Yurika by chance who shows him a photo of  a familiar face. Next thing you know Kaoru is up and running towards the person in the photo. Will he find Sen and reconnect? Will they all get a happy ending? 

I can’t believe we’ve reached the end! This episode had me feeling a gamut of emotions, and also saying “omg omg” a lot. I wouldn’t say I was fangirling, but gosh darn…well I’ll get into that later.  Let’s talk about some key moments in this episode. Continue reading “[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 12 | All Blues”

Weekend Update, a Song and a Question!

Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood spider-man Hazel (hmm, that doesn’t quite work does it?)here to say hello and to kick off the week with you guys with another OP! I’ve chosen this for a reason, see further below!

Title: “Sakamichi no Melody” | Artist: Yuki | Show: Kids on the Slope

So, I had a pretty eventful weekend. Minus Sunday, since Sunday is my absolutely chill please don’t make me do anything while I blog day. Saturday was spent all day in San Francisco to hang with my guy bestie. He missed the original screening of SAO:Ordinal Scale and he was legit upset he missed it. Luckily the Dubbed version was announced shortly after that, so he made me promise I would go with him to see it -that was essentially what we did yesterday. Dubbed version was just as great; and honestly I was able to watch and enjoy the action scenes since I didn’t have to read subtitles.

Anyways, we grabbed lunch in Japantown; had a bottle of sake. Went to Kinokuniya where my bestie had to unfortunately watch me spiral into fangirl mode over the sight of all the merchandise of my Touken Ranbu crush Mikazuki Munechika, and over the B-Project OST among other merchandise as well as Hakuoki blind boxes. We later even got to try this ‘”culinary phenomenon” or hipster stuff called Dragon’s Breath that I had recently seen on facebook:

It’s basically Trix cereal bathed in liquid nitrogen. It was really cool at first; but after awhile your mouth starts to get tired. But it looks cool; and a ton of people will ask you where you got it. Great conversation starter!

That pretty wraps up my weekend. I’m about to finish Vision of Escaflowne today, and actually have a proposition to my followers. As most of us are already involved in weekend otaku’s Your Lie in April Re-Watch Event; I couldn’t help but be inspired to ask who would be interested in doing a Watch-a-long with me? It would be very similar to WeekendOtaku’s format; except it’s not a re-watch but an anime I haven’t seen.

Recently I stumbled across a clip to Kids on the Slope; and bookmarked it based on this one scene along. I also showed it to my bestie yesterday since he is a HUGE Jazz fan. Hence why I chose the OP for the show as this week’s feature. The performance I had seen floored me and got me to look into the show. I’m going to start watching this series soon, and wondered if anyone would be interested in participating alongside me?  Let me know in the comments below!

Other than that, I hope you all had a great weekend! I love these weekly check-ins to see how everyone’s doing!  What kind of (non)-mischief did everyone get into? If you could rank them, what would be the best thing that happened this weekend?