Team Mom: Ignis Scientia

This is a confession of a Team Mom. It’s not really fact, but I think one could be found in any group. As someone that’s temporarily taken our lovely Arria’s spot as schedule coordinator for OWLs for the time being, and as a member of the Innominate Anime Podcast Group, I can relate to this week’s MCM. I equate myself to Makoto Tachibana, another team mom, and I absolutely love today’s MCM. My affinity for the team mom type/trope is becoming quite clear.


I’ve been submersed in playing Final Fantasy XV as of late, you can find all my tweets using the hashtag #ZelsFFXVRoadTrip. All the boys have grown on me over the course of time I’ve spent in-game (I’m at about 40 hours into it). I’m still trying to get through as many of the sidequests as I can before I set sail for Altissia, and I thought what better way to bring back MCM but to spend the next couple of weeks focusing on the boys of FFXV. The order in which they appear is not akin to favoritism necessarily, but I have to kick off this venture with the FFXV Team Mom: Ignis Scientia.


If you haven’t watched the short anime about the characters of FFXV, you can find Ignis’ episode here: BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV Episode 4 – Bittersweet Memories. It goes into a bit of the background story of Noctis and Ignis prior to the events of the storyline in the FFXV video game.

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