A moment that shocked me the most in an anime. Hmm, there’s one in mind I had but I’m going to save that for tomorrow’s prompt because it’s both shocking and really really sad. I don’t exactly like the horror genre, so I tend to avoid it because I end up sleeping with the lights on for a few weeks after watching something scary. But one day I was home sick and I figured it didn’t hurt to try one in the middle of the day and it had been on my “to watch” list for quite some time.

Another, is the first of the horror genre for me and it won’t be the last. I was actually surprised that I ENJOYED this one. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it! 

But I have to say there were a LOT of shocking moments in this show just because I wasn’t expecting a lot of this stuff to happen! First was the nurse in the elevator! My jaw literally dropped by how gory her untimely death was. Then the umbrella incident! Gah! My eyes! Watching this reminded me of that one teen movie, “Final Destination”.

But the most memorable shocking moments was one of the last episodes, when they’re at the lodge in the woods. Almost half the class dies in all kinds of unfortunate incidents. It was just a mass slaughter of characters that seemed to be senseless. I’ve never seen so much death in that short of a span (I’m not going to count AoT in that regard). Such a crazy ending to this anime! I don’t think I even rememeber the outcome of it…seems like I may have to re-watch this one at some point…hmmmm *contemplates* I’ve linked the episode with some of these deaths above

I think that’s all for today’s prompt. Do any you have a particular anime that shocked you?