Okay, so again I'm really torn about today's prompt. I have a few in mind, especially after talking with melinanimeland about this. She brought up a character that I forgot was hilariously goofy from Kuroko No Basket. So then I was torn because there was another sports anime character I wanted to write about. But I … Continue reading 30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 21

Anime Re-watch: Haikyuu! S1|Ep 5

  A Coward's Anxiety The 3-on-3 match wraps up as Hinata and Kageyama's "quick attack" is shaping up to be a powerful weapon; one that the team hadn't entirely anticipated. With victory in their pocket the duo is accepted onto the Karasuno Volleyball team and given their track suits to make it official. Just as … Continue reading Anime Re-watch: Haikyuu! S1|Ep 5

Anime Re-watch: Haikyuu! S1 | Ep. 4

The View from the Summit The 3-on-3 is finally underway. As the match progresses Hinata, Kageyama and Tanaka already hit a wall. Hinata's spikes are getting blocked by Tsukishima. Cracks start to form as Kageyama starts to fall back into his old ways as "King of the Court" spurred on by Tsukishima's teasing. What will happen … Continue reading Anime Re-watch: Haikyuu! S1 | Ep. 4

Anime Re-watch Review: Haikyuu!! S1|Episode 1

  This is one kind of post I've been wanting to do on a blog for a long time.  What better anime to start off with than Haikyuu!!  Since there's about 3 weeks till Season 3 starts off, I may be bunching 2-3 episodes together per post everyday leading up to the Premiere on Friday, … Continue reading Anime Re-watch Review: Haikyuu!! S1|Episode 1