Crownsguard Shield: Gladiolus Amicitia

Hey everyone, I’m back in business for some blogging for the time being. To get back in the swing of things I’ll be continuing my FFXV man features with Gladio.


Gladio, is one of the character I haven’t really connected with in the game.  He’s one of the companions of Prince Noctis, but he’s also known to be the tank, the shield of the Prince Noctis, and also grew up with the prince. He treats the King as if he were his own kid brother.

There’s only a few things that really stand out to me about Gladio that I admire, so here goes! Also, like mentioned in my previous MCM posts, Gladio had his own episode on Brotherhood: FFXV titled: Episode 3 – Sword & Shield which can be found on Crunchyroll.

Runs in the Family

Gladio’s pretty family oriented. Which is clearly one of the traits in characters I really love, just because I can relate to it. However, Gladio has a little sister that he looks after, unfortunately I don’t have any siblings so I can’t quite relate on that level. But like him family usually comes first.


Also, Gladio’s family history has very close ties to the King’s family. His family line has a long history of serving as protectors to the Lucis Royal family. This leads me to the sprawling tattoo we see across his back. It’s not just a mark, or a family crest that he bears. The tattoo serves as a credential as one of the guards.  His family comes from a militaristic background, leaving him the only one in Noctis’ party that has any military training.

Outdoors Man


If you’ve played FFXV, then you’ll have noticed that most of Gladio’s AP points come from exploring by foot and via camping. It’s said that he’s a huge outdoor aficionado, and if you also picked up on the the marketing of his gear, he’s quite particular to collecting Coleman Camping Equipment.

Well Read

The last thing that I’ll point out, is very minor. But I love the fact that Gladio, this big hulking dude, is a bookworm! Whenever he’s got time to spare whether that be on the roadtrips or camping, he pulls out a book to occupy himself.

Trivia states that the book he’s reading is: Silence of Knowledge by Henruit or so the cover says at least 😛

Anyway’s that wraps up this my first post after my short hiatus. Hopefully, I can stick around for a little bit longer, and a few of my series’ posts may still disappear for the time being while I try to get more content out there.

What did you guys think of Gladio? Did you guys like his character on the show or in game? What were your favorite parts about him? What were his strengths or weaknesses?

[OP]: Existence | Sunday Salutations

This week’s OP comes a bit late; it’s been a bit of a busy weekend. Also, with me diving into Rise of the Tomb Raider over the weekend didn’t help. I fell behind a day on the KnB Challenge and honestly didn’t have a good enough excuse (Mel would agree with that) I was just plain lazy, or overeager to play.

If you’re on twitter you can follow me as @heyitszel and the hashtag playthrough I created #ZelRaidsTombs.  Also, the past week, I started and finished the first season of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. If you saw last week’s OP/ED post, I mentioned that I had stumbled upon the ED for Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul. I started Virgin Soul to get a feel for the show, and really enjoyed the first episode. But, for continuity sake I wanted to watch Genesis first. I contemplated watching them simultaneously but that would be weird and probably confuse me. I’ll try to write up a review of it sometime soon!

Anyways, you could probably guess where this OP is headed.

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Whether it be in anime, or video games it seems I have penchant for strong female leads. I especially love being able to play a female character in RPG games. (Mass Effect was the best experience for me in that regard). NieR:Automata had caught my attention due to the cover art and the main character, I’d always been interested in it so when I saw the demo become available on PS4 I decided to give it a try it to see if it’d interest me enough for me to go out and buy myself a copy.


I’m not familiar with the history of NieR; so I’ve had to look it up. NieR:Automata is a sequel to the PS3 Nier, which is then a spin-off of another game called, Drakengard. Nier branches off from one of the endings of Drakengard; while NieR:Automata follows suit and takes place after one of multiple endings found in Nier. Automata still carries over some elements from Drakengard in terms of mechanics but not in storyline, from what I’ve gathered.

NieR:Automata’s story is as follow:

Humanity has been driven from the Earth by mechanical beings from another world. In a final effort to take back the planet, the human resistance sends a force of android soldiers to destroy the invaders. Now, a war between machines and androids rages on… A war that could soon unveil a long-forgotten truth of the world. – Gamestop

In the distant future, an extra-terrestrial force has unleashed a ruthless army known as the “machine lifeforms” on Earth, driving mankind into exile on the moon. Android 2B, one of the latest infantry models of the newly formed organization called “YoRHa,” is plunged into a bitter war to reclaim the planet. – Platinum Games

Let’s start with graphics. Square Enix just really never disappoints when it comes to art style, character design, and overall graphics. I really enjoyed the visuals they’ve created, not just as eye candy but also in gameplay. At first it started off as your typical RPG game, you run around along a path or an open world. But then at some points the view shifts to the classic linear scrolling screen found in the original Nintendo games (i.e. Contra).  It also shifts to a zoomed out overhead view that looks down at the top of your players head and her enemies; this was the most jarring to me just because it was so zoomed out, I couldn’t really tell what the heck I was doing.

I also got a bit confused with how the map worked. I found myself turned around at some points, thinking ‘hmm this seems familiar’ when in fact I had looped back somehow and was back where I started. I almost ended up at the starting point because I was so confused. Wayfinding was not my strong suit in this demo.

Our protagonist 2B is a beautiful android that is super badass with dual swords. I’m a sucker for swordplay in games! Running around and slicing up robots gave me that nostalgic feeling of playing PS3’s Heavenly Sword. Heavenly Sword brings me a lot of good memories because that’s the first game I played that had a female lead of color. I don’t count Lara Croft in Tomb Raider because I couldn’t identify with her; and I could never get into Tomb Raider like my Dad did. I want to say the mechanics of operating 2B was very similar to Nariko (Heavenly Sword). The combat is action based so if you tend to be a button masher like myself (half the time) then you’ll probably really enjoy the gameplay of Automata. I also accidentally found this ability that’s very similar to Noctis’ ability to leave a projected image of himself as he teleports away, like a decoy.

However sometimes, the demo felt super guided, like I didn’t really have to control her to much or fight too much, mostly evade. I know that there’s an “auto-mode” for beginners, but I had picked normal mode; so I’m not sure. I like the little familiar that we get; that robot comes in handy when you feel overwhelmed by opponents. Just aim and shoot while you have 2B fight the others with her swords.

Overall, I like NieR:Automata. I like the feel of the mechanics; the feel of the environment and the design and fluidity of the fighting and the transitions to and from the scroll-mode. The wayfinding problem isn’t something so major that it would deter me from buying the game. I mean Square Enix just knows how to empty my pockets, let’s be real. The games I get from them always blow my mind aesthetics wise; and I have no problem with that. I can’t say much to the story since the Demo was so short; but with that ending. I want to know, is that part of the game? If so where does it happen, the beginning or the end?

From what I’ve read, NieR:Automata is getting a lot of buzz and positive reviews which helps me with my decision to go for it and invest in the game. BUT, with Mass Effect: Andromeda releasing next week,I have to finish paying off my pre-order; Automata will have to take a backseat for now.   But when I do get back to NieR: Automata I hope to give a full review! Most of my game reviews will be late (no surprise); since I’m the type to really take my time with it.