Crownsguard Shield: Gladiolus Amicitia

Hey everyone, I'm back in business for some blogging for the time being. To get back in the swing of things I'll be continuing my FFXV man features with Gladio. Gladio, is one of the character I haven't really connected with in the game.  He's one of the companions of Prince Noctis, but he's also … Continue reading Crownsguard Shield: Gladiolus Amicitia

[OP]: Existence | Sunday Salutations

This week's OP comes a bit late; it's been a bit of a busy weekend. Also, with me diving into Rise of the Tomb Raider over the weekend didn't help. I fell behind a day on the KnB Challenge and honestly didn't have a good enough excuse (Mel would agree with that) I was just plain … Continue reading [OP]: Existence | Sunday Salutations

Computer Ideals: What Specs Appeal to You?

Hello, friends! This post is a bit of a random one compared to my fangirling over anime, architecture and my precious bishies. I've mentioned this in one of my Sunday Salutations post, that I'm starting to hunker down and really study for an exam I have coming up. It got me to thinking about a … Continue reading Computer Ideals: What Specs Appeal to You?


Whether it be in anime, or video games it seems I have penchant for strong female leads. I especially love being able to play a female character in RPG games. (Mass Effect was the best experience for me in that regard). NieR:Automata had caught my attention due to the cover art and the main character, I'd … Continue reading [FIRST IMPRESSION]: NIER:AUTOMATA/DEMO REVIEW