Winter 2017: Week 3

I haven't had as much time to really watch a lot this past week, but I at least caught up with the ones I'm watching this season. Anyways, here's a recap of the shows I've watched this week: Winter 2017 list Kuzu No Honkai (Scum's Wish) This week's episode was filled with lots of dark … Continue reading Winter 2017: Week 3

New Year, New Music & a First Impression

To start of 2017's OP/ED's I'm going to go with something fresh. A few new series started last week, and I found myself surprisingly drawn into Fuuka. I found the song to be really catchy too. Seems like I enjoy japanese rock music. Title: Climber's High | Artist: Manami Numakura |Show: Fuuka  As for my first impression of this … Continue reading New Year, New Music & a First Impression

WINTER 2017 – Watch List

The Winter anime season is already upon us. I've had a few on my "plan to watch list" on MAL for quite some time, but looking back at it now, there may be a few more I'm adding. My top 5 anticipated are: Ao No Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen I've been a fan of Blue Exorcist … Continue reading WINTER 2017 – Watch List