[Architecture] Queen of the Curve: In Memoriam & Reflection

Author's Note: I'm still technically on my break, but it was important for me to at least write this piece today My full Architectural side is bound to come out from time to time. With that being said, today serves as a great reflection of the career path I've chosen and the field of work … Continue reading [Architecture] Queen of the Curve: In Memoriam & Reflection

Symbolic Armor: Erza Scarlet

This weeks WCW post is a bit of a throwback to the¬†woman that brough about my WCW posts to begin with. Erza Scarlet is one of top favorite heroines, and her name is byfar my favorite anime character name; so much so that I use it every chance I get when given the option to … Continue reading Symbolic Armor: Erza Scarlet