Take Two! Jan. 29 – Feb 4


I missed last week’s Fantasy Friday, I was completely wiped out from work and overtime.


  • (Animesque Review) Voltron: Legendary Defenders Part 2: Mechanical Reviews looks at Voltron’s Second Season on Netflix. As someone that has been trying to get around to seeing season 2, I was glad it got a positive review from him!
  • Top 5 Anime of 2016: Over at Scoopious, Tasha Night runs down her top 5 from last year. I’m sharing it because there’s actually a few on here that I haven’t seen, but have heard great things about!
  • KPOP in Anime: Mel looks at music form KPOP artists that are feature in Anime OPs/EDs. A well thought out and put together list!
  • Friday Funny: Matt compiles a list of images to celebrate Final Fantasy’s 30th year as a game franchise! Check it out for a good laugh!
  • 200th Blog Post and Sailor Moon’s 25th Anniversary: Over at Good Morning Otaku, they celebrated their 200th post by also celebrating Sailor Moon’s Anniversary! As a huge Sailor Moon fan, I just had to share this one with you all!
  • The Stubborn Prince: Joshua Lieben: Naja celebrates Joshua’s birthday by reviewing his route and re-living the feels of one of her favorite characters in the otome world! Give it a look, I know I’ll be playing this route sometime soon!!

That just about does it for Take Two! this week. Did you guys encounter these posts? What were your thoughts? Have other links you’d love to share with me? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for tuning in on this week’s Take Two!

Symbolic Armor: Erza Scarlet

This weeks WCW post is a bit of a throwback to the woman that brough about my WCW posts to begin with. Erza Scarlet is one of top favorite heroines, and her name is byfar my favorite anime character name; so much so that I use it every chance I get when given the option to name my character in a game. I like it because it’s feminine sounding yet also gives off a strong fiery presence.

In my previous post about her found in Day 4: Favorite Female Character Ever of my 30 Day Anime Challenge, I really focused on her backstory and her overall personality. This week I’m going to recap on some of the points that really stuck out to me and will hopefully try to expand on those a bit more.

Erza’s armor is one of the most defining characteristics of who she is. Her signature magic though is a spatial magic in which she can “requip” her armor at an amazing speed. She’s also known to be one of the few mages that can requip during battle; and it’s rumored that she has about 100 different types of armor in her posession. This type of specialization of “requip” magic is often called “The Knight.” Erza is known throughout the entire kingdom of Fiore for this type of magic giving her the nickname “Titania.”  Although she may have over a hundred pieces of armor at her disposal, I find her armor to be symbolic through two lenses. One lens is how her Armor represents an emotional state and the second lens looks at Erza’s femininity.

Erza's_HK_Armor_from_x791_(manga_version).jpg Continue reading “Symbolic Armor: Erza Scarlet”


A lot of the anime that I’ve written about in this challenge don’t exactly have the ideal environment.  You have a dystopian tokyo (psycho-pass), a western sci-fi wasteland (trigun), a world where mages are bent on killing one another (fate/stay night) and a world where frightening titans threaten your daily life (Attack on Titan). So where does that leave me?


I don’t think I’ve watched an anime where I was like oh my gosh I wish that was real! But I think I’m going to have to go with my staple of this challenge, Fairy Tail. I’m a sucker for fantasy, especially when it involves magic and dragons. I wouldn’t mind living int he city of Magnolia alongside the Fairy Tail Guild, as long as they’re not destroying any parts of the city. As far as the world goes, it would be neat to have some magical powers. I personally would enjoy the abilities that Erza has. Being able to change outfits in the blink of an eye or have objects materialize from your invisible storage. Or maybe even Gray’s Ice Make Magic or Natsu’s flames. However, I’d be afraid of Acnologia flying around threatening to destory everything.

And that’s all I can say about this prompt today! On to the last post! Till tomorrow!


This couple was one that I instantly thought of for this prompt. But as I was sitting down to set up my blogs for the week – two others popped up; then I started contemplating and doing a bit more reading on the couples I had chosen. Then it dawned on me – this couple wasn’t considered “canon”; they’re only considered semi-canon. That then triggered the other two I thought of – one was canon and the other one was also semi-canon. Then I just decided it doesn’t matter; it’s heavily implied that they would be a couple.

I decided to go with Ezra and Jellal because they aren’t officially together. They’re love story is heartbreaking because they are so well suited for one another in the grand scheme of it all but due to circumstances they can’t. But you can definitely tell the both of them love each other immensely – whether that be as lovers, friends, comrades.


Why I love these two together:

From the beginning it was clear that they just seem to fit each other perfectly – they are each other’s better halves. They grew up similarly and know how the other thinks – so when the opportunity to battle together arises, they are completely in sync. Despite the time and the distance and whatever conflicts have arisen, they truly had each others’ backs and respected one another.


As mentioned in a previous post about Erza (found here), she and Jellal were enslaved by cultists. The two quickly become close friends and he gives Erza her last name since she had none. In an attempt to escape the island, in which they were being used as labor to construct the “Tower of Heaven’, they are caught and Erza is taken away, tortured and maimed. Jellal sneaks around to find her and set her free and is furious to find Erza injured. He then takes her place for punishment. While in captivity Jellal becomes possessed by a dark wizard called Zeref. Unfortunately this is the pivotal point for these two. As another revolt comes to head – Erza fights to find Jellal only to see it’s no longer him and he forces her to abandon the island and leave everyone behind if she wants everyone left to live.



Under this dark wizard Jellal does some terrible deeds; and once he’s beaten in a battle against Natsu, he wakes up with Amnesia and the only thing he can recall is Erza’s name and along with it the feelings of warmth, kindess and brightness. When his memories come back – he wishes he could just die as that would be the best way to justify what he’s done to the world. But a chance encounter with Erza forces him to stay alive and to find another way to make up for those mistakes. He creates a guild of his own to defeat dark magic guilds. The theme of his guild is “punishment” as this is his punishment for all his wrongdoings. Amongst his punishment is that he tries to castaway his feelings for Erza. He believe he doesn’t deserve her, as she is someone who represents the light and good of the world and he’s the opposite. They are the yin and yang of one another. Since they have such a strong history together; they’re able to sync to one another easily despite how much time or distance has come between them. It’s seriously like they’re soulmates.


These two have always been so close to expressing how the other feels about one another until there is some interruption that causes them to stop and allows Jellal an escape route. Erza doesn’t deny her feelings for Jellal and has already forgiven him; but he refuses to let himself feel happiness with Erza because of his overwhelming guilt. Whenever they do run into one another Jellal’s only wish is to protect Erza from any harm; and Erza in turn would do the same for Jellal.

Erza is also known to be rather serious and almost stone-cold with her emotions. But Jellal brings out the other side of her.Another important note: After her escape from the tower of heaven; her right eye is replaced with an artificial eye, and whenever she teared up; only her left eye would have tears.  It wasn’t until she was reunited with Jellal and she recalls her childhood memories of Jellal do tears fall from both her eyes. Another random note, I love how Jellal’s tattoo is the color of Erza’s hair, and Erza’s fairy tail tattoo is the color of Jellal’s hair; an homage to their better half maybe? Anyways…

In this clip – these two almost finally kiss! But Jellal lies and says he has a fiance. One of his acts of punishment. He thinks he’s hurting Erza – but Erza knows he’s lying to her face.

These two continue to suppress their feelings for one another and try as hard as they can to be “normal” whenever they run into one another.. But the tension is clear as day when they run into each other. As the story develops – I really hope that Jellal and Erza have some kind of resolution and become a canon couple. They both have had enough hardships in life and they both deserve a shot at happiness. It’s clear that they provide what the other lacks and represent what an unconditional love is all about: forgivness and compassion.


30 Day Anime Challenge | 04

I thought picking a favorite MALE character was hard. Picking a FEMALE is even harder! There aren’t many on my list to begin with so I’ve decided to go with whom has really stood out to me as of late and is my current favorite: Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. The others on my list: Mikasa Ackerman, Sailor Venus, and Utena Tenjou; and Rin Tohsaka (not pictured). I’ve been pretty picky about the ladies of anime. But one thing’s for sure, I like independent, headstrong leaders that are bad-asses.


Erza’s story revolves around her role and involvment in the magic guild ‘Fairy Tail’ and as every member in the guild has, she also comes from a troubled past. As a child Erza was caught and enslaved by a cult. In an attempt to escape with her friends she decided to take shoulder the blame – even though she was not the one who orchestrated it. The cult came to the conclusion that it she was the ringleader of the group and was taken away and tortured till the brink of death and eventually loses her right eye as a result. She was rescued by her friend, and future love interest, Jellal. He was also the one that gave Erza her surname Scarlet since she had none when they met. He chose it so that none of them would forget since it was the color of her hair. I would talk about Jellal more, but I want to save that for another time. Erza is able to escape from the cult due to Jellal’s help but is forced to leave him and the rest of her friends behind. From there, she made her way to Fairy Tail as another slave that took care of her often talked about the magic guild.

Jellal giving Erza her last name
After Erza lost her right eye

There are a couple of things that I love about Erza – I actually use her name as my character’s name in any Otome game (MysticMessenger, Amnesia: Memories, and Hakuoki). It’s a really pretty name. But aside from that, I find Erza to be incredibly beautiful both inside and out and ultimately the coolest girl ever. She cares deeply for her guildmates and will risk life and limb for them; but that feeling is mutual among everyone in the guild. When you’re not on Erza’s bad side she can actually be kind, bright and very warm. She’s known to fight for whats right and she usually tries to save people whenever she can.


Erza has a huge armor collection.  She usually wears a specific armor, the “heart kreuz”, as her everyday outfit. People might view some of her outfits and armor as part of the  “fanservice” but I think it speaks volumes about her confidence as a character. She’s one of the strongest wizards in her guild, and many of them have a high level of respect and admiration for her – especially Gray and Natsu, whom essentially grew up with her. Alongside this tough exterior she projects she exudes a high level of sex appeal; while most women will hide that, Erza celebrates it.  The armor that she wears is not just to physically protect her, but also serves as a symbol for her emotional state.   Without armor on she feels uncomfortable and vulnerable. This resonates with me because I feel like I’ve had to symbolically put armor over my heart to protect myself because like Erza sometimes I care too much and end up losing too much.

My last point in choosing Erza as my favorite female character ever is her magic ability. Her “requip” magic is incredible. She is able to swap out any outfit, armor or weapon at will. It just requips with her just thinking it. My favorite piece of armor and weapon of hers is her “Heaven’s Wheel Armor” – her armor essentially looks like angel wings, and this armor allows her to summon over 200 swords at once.


I think that about does it for my favorite female character. Watching Erza on Fairy Tail is a blast – especially her really girly moments when she’s enjoying her sweets more than anything, and is devastated when she’s deprived of it (like above).  Although she is a super serious character she can also be quite the dork. She is literally me when it comes to cake and other sweets!

Who’s your favorite female character?