[ED]: “Trust Me”|Sunday Salutations

Good afternoon! I'm back with another ED for you guys! And I think I'm going to call these check-in "Sunday Salutaions" for the time being...sounds a lot cooler than "weekly check-in"..... This week I'm going back to an anime I really enjoyed but have yet to finish follow-up seasons. ¬†I started¬†Durarara when season 1 was … Continue reading [ED]: “Trust Me”|Sunday Salutations


Ah, bad guys, baddies, antagonists, scum of the earth. You can't help but just love a good bad guy. The worse they are, the more we're drawn to them, even when they end up dying you can't help but feel a tiny bit sad they're gone, but at the same time you're like yes! They … Continue reading EVERYBODY LOVES A GOOD BAD GUY