Take Two! February 5 -11

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: "99" | Mob Psycho 100: Last week's song was Mob Psycho 100's OP to get me kicked off for the long work week ahead of me. I had been looking to a relaxing weekend - but alas relaxation has evaded me yet again! No Longer Human: Osamu Dazai: Looked at … Continue reading Take Two! February 5 -11

Winter 2017: Week 4 Re-cap….but not really…..

Per week, I've been arranging these reviews per order I was watching. However, I think I'm going to write them based on what I found to be the more interesting/entertaining. Fuuka has moved to the bottom while Nanbaka moved up. I've really only watched Nanbaka this past week. Unfortunately this week, has been incredibly busy … Continue reading Winter 2017: Week 4 Re-cap….but not really…..