Haikyuu’s ‘Fly High’

It’s probably no surprise that this week’s OP/ED of the Week is going to be of Haikyuu. I just find this to be particularly fitting as we JUST finished Season 3! The Hype, The Feel’s! As Ron Burgundy would say, “I’m in a glass cage of emotion!”


I won’t say much about the season as I know not everyone’s exactly caught up. But all I can say is Season 3 was “the season of Tsukki”. The character development of this baby crow would make any fan proud! However, I cannot forget my absolute favorite – Kageyama. The focus wasn’t too much on him and Hinata this season; but it makes total sense. Season 1 and 2 showed immense improvement on both of their ends (mostly Kageyama for me). I’m looking forward to what’s going to be happening to Kageyama and his future development and also the dynamics that might occur between him and Hinata concerning his future. My inner fangirl is just incredibly proud and happy for all these baby crows! I think it’s time for me to start reading the manga!!

Anyways, this week’s song comes from the second half of Season 2. The last match of season 2 is also a match that I love to re-watch! This OP is one I actually listen to quite often when I want to get motivated because it’s a really uplifting song about pursuing your goals – basically the sky’s the limit. I absolutely love this song, not to mention that the OP animation is great! I’ve linked it before – but this guy’s analysis of this is outstanding: Mother’s Basement – What’s in an OP? Haikyuu

Title: Fly High| Artist: Burnout Syndromes | Show: Haikyu!!  -Season 2-

I’ll save my fangirling about Haikyuu for another post! Now that season 3 is done – I can go back to my re-watch blog series review and write more about them. I’m also planning on doing a Character Profile type blog series too. Just seriously need to plan out all these ideas. I know I keep saying it – but I swear it will come to fruition!

Hope you guys have a great start to your week and hope you found this song inspirational to get you started this Monday!