Lady Rapier: Asuna Yuuki

AH! It’s International Women’s Day today! WCW just happened to be today too! Epic coincidence! Really exciting to find that out but! I digress! For this week’s WCW I’m going to continue with my SAO theme this week and feature Asuna.


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Catch the Moment || Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

Good evening everyone! I finally got some strength to write some blog posts.

My weekend was a tad rough. I had migraines the entire weekend. And today’s was especially bad. I hadn’t gotten one of these in a long time. *sigh*

Anyways, this week I’m going to be catching Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale on the only day it’s airing, March 9. I’m dragging my Dad to see it with me. lol. He says he doesn’t mind as long as there’s actions. I’ve dragged him to the Attack on Titan live action films and the Psycho-Pass film. So I’m hoping this will be more action packed than those.

With that being said I’m featuring a song from the film this week. I know I said I would be featuring KnB songs till the Japanese release of that film but I couldn’t pass up this song.

Title:Catch the Moment| Artist: LiSA | Movie: Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

That just about does it for this weeks op/ed! Thoughts on the song? On SAO?

How was your guys’ week/weekend? I haven’t gotten a chance to check in and catch up with everyone’s blogs but I’m hoping all of your are doing great!