[Architecture] Queen of the Curve: In Memoriam & Reflection

Author's Note: I'm still technically on my break, but it was important for me to at least write this piece today My full Architectural side is bound to come out from time to time. With that being said, today serves as a great reflection of the career path I've chosen and the field of work … Continue reading [Architecture] Queen of the Curve: In Memoriam & Reflection

Thrymheim Dungeon, Jotunheimer

Finally, I'm trying to breathe back some life into my Architectural posts. This is the last post concluding my SAO themed week. This week I'm looking at Season 2's Excalibur Arc for it's architectural aspects. You might have seen my analysis of ALO's City of Arun in a previous post. ALO is specifically named after one of … Continue reading Thrymheim Dungeon, Jotunheimer

[ANI-Reality]: Scepter 4 Headquarters

This post originally started off as an Fantasy Friday post, but as I continued to research it, it showed up to be based on an existing government building in Japan, forcing me to shift it to an ANI-Reality post. There's a few things about K or K: Project that I really love. Animation is probably at the … Continue reading [ANI-Reality]: Scepter 4 Headquarters

Ouran High School Campus

One thing is for certain as I make my list of cool buildings for Fantasy Friday, is that most of the anime's I've watched have incredible school campuses. Ouran High School is just one of the few that really caught my eye.  Ouran is such a classic anime for me. It's one of my favorites, and I'm completely … Continue reading Ouran High School Campus

The City of Arun

Architecture is a rather broad umbrella (it's a topic I'm probably going to address in another post). Looking at buildings is one step while looking at the context of the building is another. In looking at the context we look at the city, and the urban landscape and how the building interacts with those things. … Continue reading The City of Arun

Blue Exorcist: True Cross Academy

Welcome to Fantasy Friday in which I will look at fantastical pieces of Architecture found in the anime world. These posts will probably vary on length depending on if and what I am able to pinpoint as relevant as well as what I find myself drawn to. This will mostly be Architecture Eye Candy; as … Continue reading Blue Exorcist: True Cross Academy

ANI-Reality : Yuri!!! On Ice

Ever since episode 10 came out I've really been wanting to write this post. Not only did this episode have Viktor narrarating it; it had many of us fangirling over Viktor and Yuri's ring exchange as well as the epicness of the pictures/video of Yuri at the ending credit sequence. But a lot of my … Continue reading ANI-Reality : Yuri!!! On Ice

ANI-Reality: Kiss Him, Not Me!

This week's ANI-reality comes from episode 4 of Kiss Him, Not Me! "Christmas in the Holy Land." Our protagonist, Kae takes her reverse harem out to the "Comiket", a real convention on this site held in Tokyo.  It's also featured really quickly in the opening of the show as well: Often called Tokyo Big Sight, it's official name is the … Continue reading ANI-Reality: Kiss Him, Not Me!